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  • Started 3 months ago by sdjisafhshfuk
  1. sdjisafhshfuk

    The Ming Dynasty couple of four graves unearthed multiple pieces of jewelry ladies exclusive 13 pieces

    Let a lot of girls around for a long time, is a storage box 'jewel', gourd-shaped earrings, silver bracelets, hairpin ... ... these jewelry, from a rich second generation cartier diamond wedding copy rings of the Ming Dynasty, three wives Fu II second generation called Wang Jue, He had donated some money to the court, got an idle official - supervisor, the equivalent of the highest college students, is a national reserve talent, be regarded as a glory. He died at 84 years old, before his death married 3 wife, four were buried in Chun, belong to the large Ming Dynasty tombs, family tree records also claimed that he claimed to have used a million to build a tomb in fact, the tomb altogether unearthed funerary objects 27, but of which 13 are the first wife of Liu, such as silver bracelets, cartier love knock off ring with diamonds silver earrings, silver hairpin, part of the ring above the precious stone is also embedded in precious stones preserved Liu, archaeological team was found that her All four fingers on the right hand wore rings and two on the left hand. It appears that Liu girl was deeply Wang Jue petitioned the entire tomb for the juxtaposition of four rooms, brick and trigeminal mixed soil, from left to right, respectively, the tomb of Liu, Wang Jue, Zhou, Fang However, the first and second wife Tomb, with her husband's tomb, are in the main tomb, only the third party's tomb, fake cartier love band ring in the far right of the annex, a little lonely this project leader Zhou Xuebin said that according to 'Taiyuan Wang genealogy' records, three Before his wife died in Wang Jue, Liu is 47 years old; Zhou is 55 years old; Fang's 61-year-old. According to the time of death and the timing of the founding of the tomb, this tomb was constructed two years after Liu's death. Wang Jue married Xiao Zhou at this time, so only three were left in the main tomb. Small square is built after cartier love knock off ring mens the cemetery married, what should I do? Had to build a separate tomb, attached to the right ventricle.

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