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  • Started 1 week ago by sdjisafhshfuk
  1. sdjisafhshfuk

    Four months baby sweat hands and feet

    Some mothers find their babies often sweat hands and feet, air conditioning is the same place, in the end it is not sick? Why do babies have this kind of situation? Four months baby hands and feet sweating what reason?

    Children who sweat too much or too little may be uncomfortable. There are many reasons why children sweat in summer. Some are normal and parents do not have to worry about it. Some cases may not be normal, especially when children sweat More or less may be the child's uncomfortable performance of the child to find out imitation cartier love ring wedding band the reasons for sweating Khan is discharged from the pores of the human body of water. When the climate is hot, clothing is too thick, emotional stress, and activity, sweating diet increased, usually belongs to the body's normal physiological phenomenon. Conversely, if you sweat too much, and not inspired by the above reasons, then known as sweat disease, can occur in knock off cartier love wedding ring a variety of lesions 1, physiological hyperhidrosis baby

    Sweating is a kind of neurological reflex in the body. As the baby is in the stage of physiological metabolism in the body, the nervous system dysfunction is not perfect, so sweating, medically known as physiological hyperhidrosis, this physiological Sweaty babies sweat more when sweating, such as when baby's clothes are worn too much or too tight during summer, when babies are active, when they eat hot food, or when they are nervous or fearful If your baby has no other abnormalities , That is, physiological sweating, sweating such a baby, not the baby's physical weakness, parents do not have to worry about, without taking special drugs 2, sweating baby

    In addition to the baby's physiological hyperhidrosis, sweating caused by rickets is also a common cause of infants and young children rickets in addition to sweating, there are bone deformities, such as square cranial fontanelle, the closure delay; delay, Costa edge Turn, bracelets or anklets and so on. Rickets Sweating baby needs treatment of rickets in order to solve the problem of sweating 3, need special attention fake cartier love ring yellow gold to sweat baby

    Hyperhidrosis physiological sweating and rickets is the most common infant baby, but there are some rare cases, such as tuberculosis, chronic infection, parasitic infections, hyperthyroidism, and even cancer and other diseases, sweating are these Accompanied by disease performance, parents should pay attention to, in addition to the disease of eternity ring imitation cartier the baby sweating, there will be low fever, weight gain or weight loss, looking sallow, rash and other performance for the sweating if any of the parents found that any A performance, we must promptly take the baby to see a doctor, so as not to delay the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

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