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    Provincial public security system model event report will be held in Tongchuan

    August 31, at 10 am, organized by the Provincial Public Security Department, the hero of the public security system exemplary achievements of the collective collective deeds will be held in Tongchuan City Library Auditorium Lianhua Branch of Xi'an Public Security Bureau labor South Road police station police Hao Shiling 55-year-old from the police For 38 years, Gan made a piece of screws that cartier ring band fake the party and the government and the masses believed. She had captured eight theft gangs alone and stepped down the stairs with drug traffickers. Cao Hongliang, deputy director of the Public Security Bureau of Heyang County and captain of the special police brigade, Murderer was stabbed a few knives never let go of the murderer will eventually captured; Yulin City Public Security Bureau Yuyang branch squadron squadron leader Gao Zhijun from a pair of ambiguous footprints found murderer murderer arrested from a bracelet, sexual assault , Killing demon; Yan'an County Yan'an cartier replica ring band County Public Security Bureau Narcotics Battalion Captain Miao Yuan posing as a courier rushed into the house to catch drug traffickers, with a genuine move to participate in drug trafficking lawyers confessed frankly confessed; Provincial Public Security Fire Brigade Xi'an detachment government New Area Squadron Third-level police cartier love wedding ring knock off officer Yong-Mu repeatedly participated in the emergency rescue copy cartier love ring wedding band of vehicles that endanger the accident and took part in the Wenchuan Earthquake to save the lives of the masses despite his personal safety. Los Danfeng County Public Security Bureau police station iron shop valley walk dozens of kilometers to get back more than 20 chickens and other farmer stolen. The six rapportees, respectively, combined with their own experiences, talked from different aspects and angles about their advanced deeds based on their posts, their hearts and masses and serving the masses. A total of more than 500 police officers and the masses listened to the meeting. Their touching deeds also attracted lively bursts of applause. Home Previous 1 2 3 4 .7 Next Page View Full Text View More

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