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Today In the present More people Will be select imitation ca

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    Go to Hong Kong Gold Rush over 50 grams to pay the tariff

    SAN FRANCISCO, April 27 (Reporter Liu Yongtao) Although the price of gold has started to rise slightly after the sharp plunge on April 12, it did not affect the 'gold rush' of Changsha people ever-increasing, 10 million to 200,000 yuan is very common to reporters interviewed the day found that now, in addition to the local gold shop and bank crazy sweep goods, the public will also turn their attention to the replica cartier ring women price of gold more 'cabbage' of Hong Kong - with 'five A 'vacation approaching, free exercise to go to Hong Kong gold rush to become a large number of Changsha citizens holiday new model. Reporters log in several travel sites to see the most popular is the 'Hong Kong Gold Tour,' the lowest tour fee as long as 99 yuan, but also special arrangements for the gold shop shopping, however, most people may not know, in Hong Kong to bring gold back to the Mainland , More than 50 grams will have to pay 10% of the tariff, deliberately to buy gold may not be cost-effective. Reporter Liu Yongtao double sales growth, 'buy gold yet' into a catchphrase

    In the context of the international replica cartier ring with diamonds price of gold plummeted, people continue to spread gold fever April 26, Changsha Huangxing Road Pedestrian Street, a gold store official said sales cartier ring band imitation of gold in the recent week increased by about 350%, 50 grams, 100 grams of investment bullion was sold Out of stock; of which the best gold necklaces and gold bracelets sales, an increase of 220% and 300% respectively. Another gold shop owner admitted that the price of 355 yuan per gram of gold jewelry attracted a lot of 'consumer' consumers spend two or three million to buy a full set of gold jewelry, many customers are just a few years to buy wedding jewelry and the public go Banks swept the momentum of the same fierce, including the Construction Bank, ICBC, China Merchants Bank, Industrial Bank and many other investment gold bullion sales, bullion sales have increased dramatically. Ji Rui, a precious metals expert from Changsha Branch of Industrial Bank, revealed that the bank's investment in bullion sales doubled in April from March and that one-off customers who bought 2 kg were among the few. Gold cheaper than the mainland, 'Hong Kong Gold Tour' warming

    As the local gold-buying fever continues to heat up, many people have turned their gaze to Hong Kong where the gold price is cheaper. They choose to travel freely to Hong Kong for gold. With the 'May Day' holiday approaching, 'Golden Tour', 'Buy Golden Tour' ... so fresh words come out, travel agencies aimed at the opportunity to push the Hong Kong Gold Tour 'Hong Kong about 320 yuan / gram, Cheaper than Changsha More than 30 yuan. 'Just returned from Hong Kong back to Hong Kong last week, Shi Xiaojun told reporters that he went with the group, almost everyone buy gold, and the situation in Changsha, are buying Luk Fook Jewelery chairman and chief executive Huang Weicheng confirmed that' Water south of Causeway Bay, east of Kwun Tong, west of Tsuen Wan, throughout Hong Kong throughout the purchase gold frenzy. 'In response to the gold shortage, the Hong Kong Gold and Silver Exchange to urgently to the London and Swiss banks to buy 4 times the usual gold bars Hunan Sanhe Airlines Cheng Lijun, a travel agency manager, told reporters that booking a route to Hong Kong rose nearly 40% over the same period of last year. 'Hong Kong's gold price is cheap, I really heard that many people are dedicated to the gold.' This person said to book most of the free exercise of the public, in addition to play, shopping is the biggest purpose of travelers log on several travel sites See, 'May Day' to Hong Kong's lowest tour fee as long as 99 yuan, but also special arrangements for the gold shop shopping, become a highlight to attract tourists. Carry gold to enter the country, over 50 grams to pay customs duties

    Although gold is cheaper, it still needs to be soldierly. According to the 'Customs Import and Export Tariff', if you bring in more than 50 grams of gold and gold ornaments, you should declare taxation to the Customs. Otherwise, if you are suspected of smuggling and tax evasion, you should bear the law responsibility. Passengers carrying gold, silver and their products to enter the country should be for their own use, a reasonable number of restrictions. Under normal circumstances, more than cartier ring band knock off 50 grams of gold and gold ornaments must be declared in writing to the Customs. Exceeding the limit of their own use and reasonable quantities will be treated as import and export goods before they can be taxed. It is learned that the tax rate for gold, silver, jewelery and their products, artwork and collectibles is 10%. According to the statistics, since April, Shenzhen Customs at Huanggang and Lo Wu ports have seized 6 and 3 cases respectively carrying excessive gold products Immigration, such as gold bracelets, gold earrings, gold pendants and gold chains, will depend on the number of customs and whether they deliberately hide their gold objects or whether smugglers smuggle other goods before deciding what to do with travel industry veterans reminding the Mainland Mission usually go to Hung Hom or To Kwa Wan jewelry shop, are not pure gold products, mostly K gold; free exercise of the guests to the chain gold buy more expensive, more likely to overshoot, need to pay more attention to carry a lot of gold and silver Articles of entry will violate the relevant state regulations, '51' small holiday approaching, Changsha Customs remind passengers should pay special attention to understand the relevant state regulations in advance to avoid fines for violations affect the itinerary. Hong Kong bargain-hunting may not be able to drop a bargain

    Professionals have different opinions from the general public for the fashionable approach of gold rush to Hong Kong. In their view, if it is used as an investment measure, the cost of going to Hong Kong for gold mining is too high to be meaningful. If the purchase of some gold ornaments to wear their own to be the case aside, said Zhu Peiqin, senior financial expert of Hunan Branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, said that as the gold market in the Mainland is getting more and more open, the investment gold bullion is also directly linked with the international gold price. Not large, the difference is generally 10 yuan / gram. Go to Hong Kong to buy gold bars thousands of dollars away from the travel costs do not say that in the future to get the bank realized, because it is non-Bank products, repurchase fees will be higher. Some banks or gold stores may refuse to repurchase non-self-selling goods. In addition, when consumers buy gold ornaments in Hong Kong, they need to know the market in advance. In terms of price, thousands of gold in Hong Kong have not yet included commissions in addition to the gold price. Therefore, Hong Kong's gold price should be combined with commissions, and the mainland does not exist thousands of gold commission statement, consumers need to be carefully measured in price Insiders also reminded the purchase of gold jewelry in Hong Kong to the Mainland, TM, Repurchase and maintenance policies are not the same. For example, Chow Tai Fook in Hong Kong to buy jewelry Chow Tai Fook to the Mainland can only be handled according to the Mainland's rules. Moreover, if the models bought by tourists in Hong Kong are not sold in the Mainland, the repairs may be returned to Hong Kong and the customers have to bear the freight charges.

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