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    Valentine's Day sales of jewelery sold more consumers focus on value appreciation

    On the 14th, the reporter saw at the Macao Lotto Shopping Center that the jewelery area of ​​the jewelery was full of people. Each showcase had several paired citizens who were busy buying the pendants, rings, bracelets and pendants in different styles. Rose In order to attract consumers, merchants resorted to every means of launching a variety of promotional activities, diamond jewelry, mosaic jewelry 5.5 discount to 8.7 discount, full gold gold jewelry price fluctuations of 30 yuan / gram, and some businesses are also introduced Full of 1000 yuan to send 100 vouchers for the event, 'the most popular diamond ring of less than 10,000 yuan, especially the weight of 10 points to 30 points (0.3 kt), the price of 3,000 to 5,000 yuan in the middle and low diamonds Ring, selling is the hottest. 'Audemars Phillips mall sales of a brand jewelry, Ms. Sun said today's activities for the price of 7.88 fold, some of the specials to a 5.5 fold, such as a fake cartier gold bracelet 12-piece heavy platinum ring diamond ring , Eight hearts and eight arrows of the turner is very delicate, discount price is only 3570 yuan, the price is very high, in cartier love bracelet pink gold replica the morning to sell five or six interviews, a young couple is picking diamond ring. 'Gold, jade bracelet is too old, and we intend to choose a diamond ring and a diamond pendant, Brin Ling more attractive, the price is also favorable.' Ms. Zhang said among them, they clarity, color, weight, turner And other less demanding, but compared to the tedious modeling of broken diamonds, she prefers a simple and elegant diamond, although the price is more expensive, but can be left for a lifetime to commemorate in addition to discounted diamonds and jewelry, the overall point of view The price of gold jewelry on the day down about pink gold cartier love bracelet copy 30 yuan / gram, some brands from 353 yuan / gram down to 323 yuan / gram. Compared to the more popular young people, diamond jewelry, gold jewelry showcase before the middle-aged group significantly more middle-aged, gold appreciation and appreciation of space replica cartier love bracelet vintage is that they pay more attention. 'Are already the old couple, will not pursue the romantic to spend a flower, or buy gold jewelry to send lover more pragmatic, both for memory, but also the value of hedging, wear two years do not like the old trade.' 45 Zhu told reporters that the old learned that consumers increasingly concerned about the increasing value of the issue of redemption between different brands far cry from the diamond jewelry, for example, some brands only allow the style can not be redeemed for new products, and some said Redemption to make up at least 1,000 yuan of the difference, while the gold jewelry is based on the redemption of the same brand-based, and there are about 30% of the depreciation fee. '2000 yuan jewelry recommended to wear more, do not expect appreciation .5000 to 20,000 yuan of gold jewelry recommendations to preserve the value, wear supplemented.' Jewelry and Gold and Silver for many years Ms. Ji told reporters. Its investment analysis across the stock, futures, foreign exchange, spot and other varieties, the overall understanding of the trend of trading and operation has its own unique point of view. And developed a 'divergent increasing decreasing strategy' and 'trend line growth principle', the long-term by the majority of investors attention and love to get more gold strategy analysis, please add Zhisheng gold Wang Di Wei signal: hha987987

    Scan two-dimensional code can be added Wang Di teacher WeChat friends, close and 'water skin Zatan' program invited analysts exchange.

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