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    Tourism in Shigatse Region

    Shigatse is located in the vicinity of the Yarlung Zangbo River and the junction of the year Chu River is a 500-year-old plateau of the ancient city of 3830 meters above sea level, with a total area of ​​182,000 square kilometers, administer 18 counties with a population of 655,000 people, historically called 'years Wheat ', Tibetan means' downstream of the Chu River. ' Shigatse formerly belonged to the 'possession' land in 'Wei-zang', also known as 'hiding possession'. When it was in Tibet, it was siled and dweved as Si Ru, and the area was Ye-ru and Chu-la. At the time of the Yuan Dynasty, under the support of the Central Government of the Yuan, Patacheng established Sakya as the center to establish a local government of Sakya to command Tibet and establish 130,000 households, of cartier love pink gold bracelet fake which 40,000 were in Kashgar today. Later during the Papu-Baba dynasty, the Ren-Bangmba clan became fortunate in later Tibet and established the diamond cartier bracelet Ren Bangjuba regime on the basis of Shigatse. Later, the Kampala Khan overthrew the Papuzhuba dynasty and established the Dictatorial System which ruled and lived there for a time. The political, economic and cultural center of Tibet as a whole. In the middle of the 17th century, after Gushi Khan helped the UAE Dalai Lama Ngawang Sangam-soo to exterminate Tibetans, the fourth Panchen Lama embarked on a monastery at Sihashchunlup and started the local reign of Panchen Lama under the jurisdiction of the Central Government of the Qing government. Today's Shigatse is already the second largest city in Tibet with as much prosperity as Lhasa. From Lhasa Coach Station and Beijing East Road between Pali Learning and Jiri Hostel, every day from 7:00 am onwards, there is a private CMB bound for Shigatse Xintiandi. There is no direct shuttle service to take the minibus to Lazi, Find a new car on the day velvet temple, there is no bus pass, looking for a car is also very difficult, preferably in Lhasa or Shigatse chartered Shigatse camphor, shuttle Shigatse Saiga

    Shigatse bus station in front of a car bound to the Sakya, as early as 7:00 8:00 drive, driving 5 hours. In Shigatse city, there are many Sichuan restaurants and Tibetan restaurants, the two most concentrated in the liberation of North Road and Everest Road, where Sichuan is not expensive, much cheaper than Lhasa; in Tibetan restaurants, some more There are distinctive Tibetan meals such as rake, butter tea, hand-stolen beef and mutton, all kinds of enemas, cold yak tongue, yogurt, sausage, dried meat, Sharp Green (meat pulp) If you go to more remote areas inhabited by Tibetans, you can also cartier love bracelet pink replica eat more and more pure Tibetan snacks. Zhaxi copy cartier love bracelet pink gold Jixi is a beautiful village nestled in Shigatse and is a famous hometown of handicrafts in Tibet. From pottery, waist knife, water scoop to bracelets, statues, necklaces, what to buy what you can buy If you really want to buy Tibetan handicrafts in Shigatse, Tibetan jewelry will bring you many surprises, in addition to Thangka, Tibetan knives, etc., are a good choice, the price range from a dozen to tens of dollars, there are stalls in tourist attractions and markets. Tibetan knife can not bring the plane, please mail in the local. Shigatse has 1 professional performing arts group, 2 amateur literature and art propaganda team, and counties and townships there are many people spontaneously composed of Tibetan opera team. There are four regional art groups and county cultural centers, Xinhua Bookstore 16. There are 2 movie theaters in the region, and new entertainment and cultural facilities such as video recording, VCD auditoriums and karaoke are increasing in the cities and towns.

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