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In the modern everyone will choose copy cartier leve bracele

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  • Started 3 months ago by sdjisafhshfuk
  1. sdjisafhshfuk

    Common ruby ​​bought abroad fake map

    Pictured: true and false ruby ​​contrast (left false true right)

    Text / reporter Zhang Jun correspondent money Xue Long map / reporter Cao Dapeng

    December 5 at 9 am, to participate in this newspaper jointly organized by Wuhan Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau and the jewelry testing activities of readers, with their own jewelry, walked into China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) Jewelry Testing Center. This is the first experience interviewed by Golden Week Labs since the launch of the second round of activity at the end of November, the Sunshine Inspection of Jewelery

    Fake Ruby in the infrared instrument under the instant appearance

    Enter the jewelery testing center on the 4th floor of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan) Jewelery Institute. The readers bring the jewelery into the reception desk, and the 3 inspectors register, photograph, turn on the optical and infrared analysis equipment to check ...... During this period, the cameras installed at multiple locations in the testing center monitored the entire process. 'You see, such a multi-peak curve shows that the ruby ​​inlaid with this pendant is a fake and actually a garnet.' National inspector He Qun pointed at the computer screen Reporters said he was holding a pendant in the hands of an infrared analyzer detection hole. As she spoke, He changed a ring into the test hole, 'Look at the map, the ruby ​​ring on the ring is also a fake, the actual is garnet.' Then he picked up a pendant to replace the front Ring, 'This pendant is ruby ​​mosaic, you see it's spectral curve is a bimodal curve.'

    Three ruby ​​jewelry as much as two are fake, while other inspectors also found fake. A pair of so-called sapphire earrings are also fake, the actual material for the Topaz detected all the way down, the three examiners also found other tricky - artificial gems. An inspector will be made of copy cartier love bracelet gold a flat buckle jade, get the lights, said: 'This is the green along the cracks in the stone walking, indicating that this jade is artificially colored.This artificial synthetic jade, That is the so-called B goods natural jade color flake distribution.

    Jade is the test more jewelry, the market is also larger sales. In addition to the manual dyeing, a bracelet was found to be artificially added with polish to add color. In addition to traces of artificial jadeite jewelry, a gelled filler was found in a tourmaline necklace. 'Due to the more cracks in natural tourmaline, this filling phenomenon is more common in tourmalines.' He said reporters found that six of the 16 pieces of jewelery to be inspected were purchased from foreign markets, trading markets and jewelry Design room, while another 5 were purchased from abroad. The detection found three fakes, from South-East Asia, South Asia, two pieces of fake ruby ​​jewelry was purchased in Thailand, a pair of sapphire jewelry purchased in Sri Lanka to participate in the activities of the Xiong to get the test results, some face could not stand. The two kinds of jewelry she submitted for inspection were all detected as fakes. According cartier love bracelet gold fake to her introduction, the so-called sapphire earring that was detected as toppa was purchased for $ 400 while traveling in Sri Lanka in 2004, when the renminbi was still at 8: 1 against the U.S. dollar, matching 3200 yuan. In 2011, she spent 3000 yuan in Thailand to buy a ruby ​​ring, the test found that this test is actually the most expensive garnet detected fake, according to the owner introduced Ms. Lee, also from Thailand, is a Pie spent 7,990 yuan pendants, buy pendants when the mosaic is ruby, the test result is garnet. Market participants said that the value of the garnet only about 1,000 yuan according to test experts. Artificial jewelry, as early as the 1980s appeared on the market. The above-mentioned artificially colored jade buckle, was purchased in 1989, a mall in Guilin It seems that consumers in the field, outside the purchase of fake or artificial pseudo-jewelery risk is not small Analysis of the results

    Fake 'technology' progress, lack of expertise cheated

    'The temptation of huge spreads, fake pseudo-pseudo-technology is also progress.' China's large jewelery testing center Xu Li, director of introduction to ruby ​​and garnet, for example, the spread is very large, from three or four times to dozens of Times, while sapphires and topaz are also a world of difference. The key is this type of fake jewelry, ordinary people difficult to judge by the naked eye, you need a very professional person to distinguish the market rumors that the red jewelry is ruby, and the blue is sapphire, consumers are greatly deceptive. 'From the test center to master the historical test data to see more of this fake jewelry appear in the consumer outbound shopping. Almost every tourist season, consumers often bring back jewelry from overseas found such fakes.' Xu Li said that the Emerald, for example, artificial color of the emerald before, may be to spread the goods, as long as 10 yuan or tens of dollars, worth at least 10 times the value of fraud. This phenomenon is more common in scenic spots at home and abroad, tens of dollars of goods sold to a thousand dollars, or even higher. '

    There are an endless number of cases of being fooled, not only because of the lack of professional knowledge of consumers, but also because consumers lack the awareness of self-protection, shopping superstitiously, or easily believe that so-called near-origin will be cheaper . 'As a result, to buy jewelry overseas or scenic areas, is almost equivalent to gambling.' Xu Li said consumer alerts

    Do not be superstitious foreign goods

    Please ask for a third party identification

    So, jewelry fakes, adulterated there is no way to prevent it? Xu Li said that with Xu Li introduction, whether in the country, or in the country to buy jewelry, ask for credible third-party identification certificate, is an effective way to protect themselves, especially for the more upscale jewelery. 'In the United States and the United States market to buy jewelry, do not hear the letter replica how much is a cartier love bracelet cheaper than the domestic, its manual processing costs far higher than the domestic jewelry inlaid with gold, platinum, generally lower than the domestic, often only 9K, 14K, so the opposite, the jewelry in these markets 70% higher than the domestic price. 'Xu Li said. Overseas purchase of jewelry, consumers sometimes encounter businesses to give a certificate. However, this certificate may be issued by the business or manufacturers themselves. Consumers can insist that the other party issue an independent third-party certificate of accreditation, such accreditation only credibility, can play a role in self-protection. 'Traveling in Southeast Asia should be wary of some Chinese-run jewelery shops. Some shops have been faked for as long as 20 years.'

    In the country's jewelry stores, trading markets and scenic shops, an independent third-party certificate of accreditation is cartier love bracelet gold replica also very important.

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