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now people will select cheap cartier leve necklacerose gold

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  • Started 3 months ago by sdjisafhshfuk
  1. sdjisafhshfuk

    How to buy bracelets

    In view of the recent online sales of bracelets when there are some problems, I feel that something should be written to give you some friends want to buy bracelets online some reference. The biggest drawback is the online shopping can not see the kind, it is difficult to estimate the actual fake cartier new love bracelet picture and the effect of wearing pictures alone! Size should be considered the primary problem of online shopping. Smaller size can not be worn; the size is too large, affecting the wearing effect, and the bracelet more easily bump into. General size deviation of more than 2mm have an impact. There are many ways to measure the size of the Internet. We do not recommend these methods. According to experience, the error is measured in such a way. The best is to try the store. Of course, when going to the store try to pay attention to point strategy: If I say to measure the size directly, it is estimated that few sellers are willing. With the seller said to buy a bracelet, so try to wear the general. Note that after trying to look at their own small bracelet label, usually written like 56,57 this figure is the size of the. If love bracelet screw replica you can not find, just ask the seller!

    Elastic bracelet grasp on their own. If you often need to wear off, it is recommended large 1mm; young mm, but also taking into account the future fat or bone hardening and other factors, also suggested a large 1mm. However, whether to relax the size depends on individual circumstances, it is not necessary. This is also what we recommend to buy before picking the store. Can not take it for granted that what looks like a bracelet what would I like? Take the clothes, some people wear warm colors look good, some people wear cool colors look good; so the same bracelet, not look good, it must fit for yourself. To the store stroll, try on different types of personal, and finally tell us what style you need (such as round bangle, flat bangle), floating flowers or solid color and so on. This can significantly reduce the probability of unsatisfied goods. Emerald stress fate. I like to accept the price ok, not necessarily what you buy expensive. We buy jade cartier eternity bracelet is to buy a jewelry, decorative effect only. For the general emerald whether there is appreciation of the space should not be too impatient sought. Emerald trade chain, there is a saying 'make money forever is the last person,' no matter how high you have jade, if you do not get money into money, it is at most a block of 'luxury' stone. For the average consumer, or to position themselves well - but to buy a jewelry, do not expect it to appreciate, so that even if the accident can earn a little money will be very happy. '

    Four other minor problems

    a) bracelet wide, thick problem

    The bracelet is wider and thicker, the material is real. However, to be considered clearly Oh, partial width of the bracelet worn on the hands will feel very thick. For older women, such bracelets look extravagant; however, petite, wrist and very thin, will look very uncoordinated. Can not be greedy Ignore the decorative effect of the bracelet itself Usually, the bracelet width of 12mm, thickness 6mm, known as the standard size. Some businesses to meet or exceed this size is called 'thick' bracelet. However, this size is not generalized, for small cuff bracelet, Royal bracelet, the width and thickness will be slightly diminished. This is not to cut corners, is to take into account the proportion of coordination bracelets! We imagine it under the bar: a small cuff, if it is wide and thick, what would be like!

    b) fine palm wrist

    When the bracelet is worn, the easiest place to get stuck is the thumb root, therefore, when measuring the size, the palm should prevail. Belongs to this type, individuals do not recommend round bar. If the size is small, then you can consider the Royal bracelet, or flat box bracelet, the width of the normal size is good, do not be afraid to use the material in fact c) black skin

    This is also a need to pay attention. It is best to try on the mall, some color bracelets will appear darker skin, visual effects are not good, go to the store to try is the best way d) valuation

    Write this a bit helpless! When you go to the valuation or need to pay attention to point strategy too! From another perspective, I am a seller, you take your own things to value, I will not belittle you and raise yourself? Therefore, the valuation is best to find trusted people; if you can not find it, then take two things together. Although some friends do not know much about emerald, but the aesthetic vision we all have to look at the difference between emerald bracelet is the best way to put two things put together to see: Crystal enough not enough delicate enough head? As for the 'color', everyone can do it, even if this thing experts will see the wrong five enhance articles

    Often heard some friends say, like bright, like through. First to talk about these two issues: Emerald in the absence of polishing before, is a stuffy stone, fail to 'bright.' We usually see the bright two reasons: First, polishing is good; Second, kind of good. Polished finished just finished processing that time is really beautiful, but wear a long time, the original polished surface will appear dim, some wearing a few decades of the bracelet is needed to clean, hey, but it is estimated that many people Have not seen that kind of after decades of sweat jade bracelets - it seems a stuffy stone, under natural light can not see the kind of water!

    Species refers to the internal jade particles compact, delicate degree. Something good enough will fluoresce, especially in places where light is darker. 'Species' are often overlooked stuffs, just finished bracelets, polished almost; looks good kind of difference in gloss are similar, but after many years of wear, you will find: a good kind of obvious better and better gloss ; While the difference looks more and more dry. Said gentle moist jade, 'gentle' word of my understanding is to describe the texture of jade (species) it! Through is what we call 'head', referring to the transparency of jade. The head of the bracelet not only depends on the quality of the emerald itself, but also depends on the thickness of the bracelet. Some small cuff bracelets are made from large bracelet core, thin, and some only, this bracelet looks very very beautiful, of course, the price is not expensive. However, such a bracelet has a fatal injury: very fragile, accidentally knocked on it is likely to be over. First write so much, later thought to add, but also welcome everyone to exchange, talk about experience! Like emerald friend, it is recommended to visit the physical free time, cartier new love bracelet copy feel the real thing, the online 'fairy photos' is a very human!

    1. The skin is particularly white: As the saying goes, a white cover ten ugly, I feel white and tender arm with what color is good

    2. yellow skin drifting blue light blue look good the best point of transparency, the green may not be suitable for yellow wholesale, yellow under its own imagination with a green feel it 3. black and yellow skin is particularly strong color or special color is transparent , Pure pure blue pure blue pure green should be good, try not to variegated, floating what can not bring any effect, but looked dirty.

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