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    Revelation 2 full trophy Achieve graphic Raiders Platinum Raiders 6

    Chapter 2 Claire's time is tight. . . The first time hit the last RETRY no time to smash the crystal before the final battle, here to write an idea to tell you how to earn time and save time in Claire articles. If you are welcome to provide a better way, if the wrong place to write is welcome after you are familiar with the process and then look at this description, the entire process only the fishing village and the final battle is the focus, the countdown mode will be reduced by 1 time per RETRY second. 1. After the opening chat, search for items, including the hidden items behind the bar counter that Moira can find. Get on the 2nd floor to get the map smashed box after the bracelet began to speak, open the menu before speaking can be combined items, go downstairs 2. immediately after the bar ran to the helicopter to open the door, you can directly bring Gabe, ran helicopters to break the crystal After Gabe followed by BB, there was a hidden item behind the helicopter that could be found in Moira, the box opened, and immediately ran to the gate and started at Moira

    3 first take the battery, the battery outside the house has a very hidden corner of the red grass remember to get. Ignoring the beginning of his head running toward Pedro, he immediately spoke to the wall of the eternal love bracelet replica house where the oil drums were located before he returned to where Pedro was located, at which point he should just finish drilling the first wall and go out to find the submachine gun Story, trot all the way with Pedro came to the front of the wall 4. When he drilled the enemies are cleared, you can also fight for a lot of time, here recommended with a pistol, shotgun keep 5. After entering the barrel to get the crystal After the helicopter ran into the iron gate to the NPC instructions to let her stand on the gate, put the battery and drum immediately after the switch to the NPC at the gate, go out to the bar after the start of the cabin fight 6. Enemy all clear, with a pistol head shot. Pedro mutated in the bar with a shotgun mad at him, do not go out to waste time will be surrounded by the enemy, as far as possible around the side of Pedro to start, the zombie does not matter, then ignoring the kill Pedro get reward 120 seconds 7. Climb the ladder You can see the battery before the room appeared again in a crystal, broken with a gun +60 seconds 8. into the sewer there is a reset time yellow cartier love bracelet vintage crystal, I was here when the time left 4 minutes and 15 seconds to choose Not reset to 3 minutes 9. After the process no difficulty, choose to kill or run away at their own pace to do, you need to save submachine guns and pistols ammunition. There should be no mistake in opening the door. Moira also try to get as much as possible hidden items, because ammunition to the very last 10. Need to ensure that the final battle before 1 minute 30 seconds or so, down the stairs after the iron can trigger the plot and other fat appeared . Climb the shelves with submachine guns and pistols fight fat head, the first high attack force, the second you can play him straight, the scene has two wooden boxes, an assault rifle cartridge, there is a bomb bottle. If the zombie climbed up to cut them directly with a knife, the shelf was blown up fat to find another shelves. After the ammunition ran out to take the shotgun close-fat Hong fat, fat injury to a certain extent, the attack speed has slowed down, but do not take it lightly. Kill fat for 60 seconds (may be misrecognized) 11. Then back to find Lori, Moira and Natalia immediately ran to the door after the investigation into the hole. The story will be opened after the crystal door. After this chapter is over 13. One of the great benefits of Claire defeating Pedro is Barry articles can save a lot of time 3. After the helicopter to trigger the plot, there is a hidden object after the helicopter. Back to the fishing village to see Pedro, into the house to get submachine guns, there are hidden objects under the stove 4. Take copy love bracelet with screwdriver the fuel is more troublesome, where I did not find a particularly good way to drill holes in Pedro there will be a large number of enemies jumped from the roof , Here if the use of Moira Akira + Claire surgery is inefficient, in view of the basic pistol fighting in the future is basically a tasteless, here you need to find the enemy Moira position after the rapid use of Claire Head + body + chase. Iron need to kill quickly. Pedro was also attacked to participate in the fight, his HP is unlimited so do not mind 5. After entering the house, two barrel with pistol ammunition + Gazelle ammunition, the right corner of the door there are two wooden barrel. Dodge

    6. Cabin Fighting: Use BIO4 tactics to fight enemies up the stairs at 2F. Pedro will not come up, nor ignore him. Moira Akira + Claire surgery this tactic is feasible, because the enemy came in a line. Moira's crowbar also do not idle, can play hit, follow-up attack on the follow-up attack 7. Chainsaw Pedro: one of the most difficult process. After he appears he can go up with a knife 8 12, depending on your skill tree to upgrade the knife. After the bar and around him to be entangled, probably calculated the door was broken time, throwing a temptation to bomb, then do not control other enemies, and concentrate on weakening Pedro with a shotgun, in general there can be three temptations , If you have plundered all the supplies of the fishing village before. Pedro's Chainsaw amazing power also brought out the blood, so once attacked to RETRY, his replica the love bracelet by cartier attack is divided into vertical cut + horizontal cut + sprint, the first attack to back, the second attack you need to back side dodge, The third kind of direct flasher, the use of shotgun playing more Pedro's head, spray more juice to prove the greater the damage. If all three tempts are used up and have not yet triggered the plot, then immediately ran out of the bar to the beach and now it is no problem to switch Moira to enemies flying up and Pedro for a while. Claire climbs up the ladder and waits for Moira to get up and Neil says Let Go before moving on. After the door can pick up a green grass 8. There is a hidden sewer items, right in front of the stairs before going out. Out for the dog after the fight, here optimistic about their footsteps stepped on the traces of the soil directly on the knife. After all defeated, Moira broke into 9. After the process, take the assault shotgun first use Moira get rid of two zombies for Claire standby upstairs, after pulling the iron head, switch to Claire upstairs attack. After going out to take advantage of Moira's running Dafa, so that Claire is on standby, Moira quickly ran to the bus to push two boxes into the bus, the iron can not come in, but the dog can come in, then the iron will find the standby Claire immediately switched back to her, running past the two iron heads into the bus at the site where the zombies appeared. The fucking entangled Moira try to get rid of the dog, out of the bus can see a hidden object 10. Open the iron gate here, let Claire upstairs, Moira will not be fat spike, so you can directly detonated, the iron will not be on The building so directly ignore, upstairs kill the zombie open the locked door can open the iron gate, where the box must be pushed rather than two are running into the gate, Barry articles to provide some convenience, or after the use of Moira detonated Next to the fat house and then take some items 11 go out after ignoring the zombie directly into the door, with a crowbar to open a locked door inside a small hand box, you can let later Natalia puzzle. After the lift opened the shotgun sprayed two zombies after the attack. Find Natalia after the search for items in the house ready to meet the final battle 12. Downstairs all the way to run away from the iron head, waist drum BOSS appears, at this time if there is a large body of flaming bottles and bomb bottles are thrown out directly, the war speed Speed ​​battle, after the venue will pick up a bomb bottle. Do not central activities in the venue, try to paste the edge, then I found the best place to play drum as shown below:

    In this place the drum of fireball away from the attack, but will help you to kill the enemy trying to climb up, if the enemy attacks you below directly with a shotgun to kill him. Then use the submachine gun and pistol drum head, if the waist drum has approached take the shotgun and his hard fight, because at this time his HP should be running out, kill the drum and clean up the rest of the enemy after the venue do not hang up. . . Claire articles over

    Barry chapter

    1. Compared to the simple too much, after opening to the fishing village before all the souls can be assassinated. Try to search for ammunition 2. Several Grasps at a fishing village can be solved by using Natalia's slabs directly if they are thick enough that Natalia can climb into a previously inaccessible house of Claire, with some combination of materials. There is also a small supply of bar, has been moving to the sewer.

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