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In the modern everyone will select replica cartier leve ring

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  • Started 1 week ago by sdjisafhshfuk
  1. sdjisafhshfuk

    Linhai Chong and door stores in China in the fake love bracelet screwdriver early morning stolen damage 200,000 yuan

    Chong and the door is the most prosperous commercial seafront, the Chinese Gold Linhai branch is located at the northern gate of Chonghe Gate reporters rushed to the scene, I saw the front of China's gold Linhai branch love bracelet screwdriver replica cordoned off, the police are busy busy Survey site. Reporter saw the six gold stores in China Linhai branch west of the security door at copy eternal love bracelet the bottom was reinforced cut a hole about 0.6 meters high, about 1.2 meters long hole, the glass door was smashed below, the size just to allow a person Drilling into the door, 'Chong and the door so lively, how could such a thing happen?' Onlookers said the thieves live in crowded lots, to take such a break-through approach, we can see courageous 'I heard Golden necklace was stolen more than 70, the bracelet was stolen about 6, according to the current market price of gold, the loss really incredible ah. '

    Subsequently, the reporter learned from Linhai police, June 28 at 4:30 Xu, several suspects came to Linhai Chong and door China Gold Branch, the first use of tools in the gold shop aluminum shutter doors cut a Big mouth, and then break the glass door into the gold shop, the use of tools such as hammers smashed two counter glass, broken glass sound awakened in the store on duty security. 'At that time I was in the shop, was smashed by the glass awakened, but the store is too dark, can not see love bracelet with screwdriver fake the specific few people.' The security said 'the security door pipe or hollow it, no wonder the cut was cut Open, the glass door is not tempered glass, it is easy to be knocked over, the thief succeeded too easy. 'One of the crowd onlooment said a forum at Linhai, netizens also raised questions. They think, like some convenience stores, are linked with the 110, the police will receive an alarm in the event of a situation, while a store like China's gold stores selling precious metal, why not interact with the 110? Some netizens said that gold should not be locked into the safe? If so placed on the counter, once thieves broken windows and into, it is extremely vulnerable to looting at about 3 pm, the reporter once again came to Chong door China Gold Linhai branch door, saw the broken glass door has been installed Go back, the store has been restored to normal business, the shop is brightly lit, there are several customers are picking gold. For what happened in the morning, the salesperson said they did not go to work and did not know. According to Taizhou Daily

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