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Making Mead – Day 2 and 3

By yesterday morning, the must for the mead was letting off CO2 through the air lock every second. According to the directions we used, it was time to add a nutrient and energizer. As soon as Superferment was added, foaming began and ran down the sides of the carboy. It looked like the opening scene from Shakespeare’s Macbeth. After four to five minutes, the foaming slowed down so that it could be stirred. Replacing the air lock, we waited to see what would happen. In the evening, the CO2 was bubbling in the air lock once every second.

This morning every two seconds there are two bubbles. We decided that on Saturday we will check the alcohol level with the hydrometer. In the meantime, the room where the carboy is located smells delightfully of honey, almost like an apiary facility.

If you are interested in home winemaking, you may want to check out a winery and home winemaking supply facility we visited recently. Presque Isle is located in North East, Pennsylvania.

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