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What is New with the Wine Industry in Texas?

Texas has 177 wineries and is the fifth largest wine producing state in the country. As the number of wineries steadily grows, so do the acres of vineyards. Although the modern wine industry started in the early 1970’s, a tremendous growth in the Texas wine industry has occurred during the last decade. Some of the current trends include: the agri-tourism movement, the Texas Department of Agriculture’s support of the wine industry, a greater emphasis on quality of Texas wines, wine and food tours of a Texas region and the thirst for more wine education by consumers.

Mary Kimbrough, Food Roots a Culinary Tourism company, pointed out that people would like deeper access to the wine experts. People are looking forward to extend their wine education. The best place to acquire this education as well as the wine experts is at the local wineries.

John Griffin, SavorSA, discussed the importance of the drink local wine movement that is occurring in restaurants. John also pointed out that grocery stores are not on board with the drink local movement. However Chesley Sanders mentioned that some grocery stores are discovering that local wine shops are making money by selling Texas wines. He believes that market pressure will eventually force grocery stores to sell more Texas wine.

Wes Marshall, Appellation America, gave a historical perspective. He mentioned that Robert Mondavi in the 1960’s had to educate people about California wines. Wes believes that Texas has to do the same. “We need to educate people about local wines.” Chesley Sanders, Lone Star Wines, seconded the importance to inform the consumers. He would pour Texas wines without telling people that it was a Texas wine. Chesley also pointed out that Texans are a proud people. They are proud to drink Texan wine and then find out that it is good and will drink more.

Texas has a promising future for its wine industry. More and more people are aware of Texas wines and the drink local wine movement is becoming more popular.

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  1. Posted October 16, 2009 at 1:12 pm | Permalink

    As a Texan by birth (Philadelphian by choice), just want to say this: Go Texas! I’ll be sure to check out some of the local wines next time I’m visiting family in Ft. Worth.

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