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Grape Seed Oil from the Finger Lakes Wine Region

Most wineries are intent upon producing a quality wine consistently. That is a great goal. To do this they concentrate on the vineyards where the grapes are from, whether they are their own vineyards or are sourced. After obtaining the grapes, the next step is for the winemaker to take over and using his talents, equipment and grapes produce wines that are quality wines.

Of least concern are the leftover parts of the grape – seeds, skins, jacks and MOG (Materials Other than Grapes.) Many wineries use these as compost for their vineyards. A few others have looked at ways to use grape seeds and skins to produce other products.

During a visit to Duplin Winery in North Carolina, we discovered the winery uses 98 percent of the Muscadine grape. The grape byproducts are used for cosmetics and nutritional supplements. At Joseph’s Estate in Canada, we found that in addition to producing wine, grape seeds are used to make grape seed oil. Grape skins are used to make gluten free flour.

So it was with interest that I read an online article, in the Democrat and Chronicle, about a small company in Geneva, New York. Seneca BioEnergy is focusing on producing grape seed oil. Originally intending to produce biodiesel fuel from grape seeds and other farm products, they discovered that producing grape seed oil is more profitable. According to the article, “Startup Finds Multiple Uses for Remains of the Grape” by Diana Louise Carter, “Grapeseed oil from Europe sells for more than $45 a gallon, though home chefs typically buy it in smaller quantities, prizing the product for its ability to fry at higher temperatures than other oils, and the way it coats more evenly, ensuring a little goes a long way.”

For the Finger Lakes region this company will be offering grape seed oil produced from Finger Lakes grapes. I am looking forward to seeing this grape seed oil in winery gift shops.

Cheers! Kathy

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  1. Posted January 6, 2010 at 8:16 am | Permalink

    There is another use for grape seeds and oils. We offer TheraVine hair and skin care products for our guests here at Arcady Vineyard B&B in Charlottesville, Virginia. It protects the skin. You can see all about it at the distributor in Las Vegas, NV at http://www.ddinyc.com/About.html
    We love it!

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