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Sour Wine, Hyssop, and Jesus’ Crucifixion

During the cold of this past winter, we did get out to go to our church to read aloud and discuss a few of the books in the Bible. One thing that struck me was the many references to vineyards and wine in Revelation, Ecclesiastes and Esther. Today many celebrate Good Friday when Jesus was offered a sponge soaked with wine. If you ever wondered about wine and vineyards in the Bible, read Meghan Sullivan’s articles in the Wine Trail Traveler Quarterly. In the current edition (p. 14) Meghan discusses Sour Wine, Hyssop, and Jesus’ Crucifixion.

Previous articles can be read in previous editions of the Quarterly. They can also be found at the Wine in the Bible section of the Wine Trail Traveler publication. These articles include:

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