Title: Fruited Chicken Salad


Large can of Mandarin Oranges (reserve juice – see dressing)
Can Pineapple Tidbits (reserve juice – see dressing)
Large Can Sliced Peaches (reserve juice – see dressing)
½ c celery (I blanch them!)
¼ c white raisins (soak in small amount of Riesling…just enough to cover)
2-4 c diced chicken (leftover – buy a ready cooked chicken – or, poach chicken breasts)

16 oz Non-fat yogurt (Dannon)
2/3 c combined fruit juices
½ t mild Curry Powder




1. Soak raisins in Riesling
2. Combine the orange, pineapple and peach fruit juices
3. Combine all salad ingredients
4. Mix ingredients for dressing

Wine Pairing: Pearmund Cellars Riesling