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Learning Modules

How to Taste Wine is a short video that will show you how to taste wine. Erin K. Sullivan conducts wine tastings for Southern Wine and Spirits in New York City. Erin shows you how to look, smell and taste the wine when you visit wineries.

How to Teach your Nose to Smell is an activity that you can do at home that may improve your ability to differentiate smells.

The Vineyard is a short fourteen-slide module about growing grapes. Revised October 2007.

The Harvest looks at gathering grapes. This ten-slide module consists of slides and a short 38-second video demonstrating the process of hand harvesting the grape clusters.

After the harvest grapes are Crushed and Pressed. This twelve-slide module presents photos showing the process of crushing and pressing the grapes.

Winemaking is a module that describes the winemaking process for red and white wines.

Making Sparkling Wines in the traditional method explores the process that is hundreds of years old.

New Barrel Making is an art performed by coopers for thousands of years. Photographs and narrative tell the story of this craft. The module also looks at toasting the barrel and what the toasting can do to wine.

You will see olive groves planted next to grapes on many vineyards in Tuscany. Olive Oil: From Harvest to Tasting explains the process of making a single variety olive oil using the Veronelli Method.


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