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Lake Erie Wine Region

New York Lake Erie Wine RegionOf all of New York’s wine regions, you will feel more in grape country in the Lake Erie region. Even while traveling on Interstate 90, you will drive past vineyards. Once off the Interstate, dark green vineyards cover much of the farm area. The Lake Erie region is mostly in Chautauqua County and comprises more than 20,000 acres of vineyards. These are not all wine grapes though. Many of the vineyards are used for juice grapes and the area is home to the National Grape Cooperative Association, which owns Welch’s. Although 95% of the region grows Concord, wine enthusiasts will also discover wines made from vinifera and hybrids.

New York Lake Erie Wine RegionQuick facts

Acres of Vineyards: 20,217
Bonded Wineries: 17
Growing Season: 200 days
Grape Production: Over 100,000 tons
AVA: Lake Erie











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