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Wine in the Bible

Wine in the Bible is a series of articles by Wine Trail Traveler writer Meghan Neumeier. Articles were originally published in the Wine Trail Traveler Quarterly.

Meghan Neumeier currently is a director of religious education for a small community in Dayton, Ohio. She has an M.A. in theological studies from the University of Dayton and a B.A. in English from St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Her column entitled “ Wine and the Bible” discusses connections between wine, the Bible, and Christianity.

What We Can Learn from Daniel’s Refusal of Wine
Finding Answers in Wisdom
Wine, Vines, and the Song of Songs
Jesus the Winemaker
Finding Hope in the Book of Issiah
Patches, Wineskins and Welcoming the New
Pruning Branches and Disciples
Sour Wine, Hyssop and Jesus' Crucifixion
Laborers in the Vineyard God’s Generosity: Interpreting the Parable of the Laborers in the Vineyard
The Wisdom of Wine A Study of Wine in Wisdom Literature
Wine-Related Nicknames Vine-Symbolism in Early Syriac Christianity
Remembering and Hoping Passover and the Last Supper
The Divine WinemakerThe Wedding at Cana
Dionysus– Just the God of Wine?

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