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Kathy and Terry Sullivan are the owners of Wine Trail Traveler, LLC. Kathy writes many of the articles on the site and Terry takes and edits many of the photos. In addition to writing in the winery reviews section, they also write the Wine Trail Traveler blog and articles in the opinion section.
Meghan Neumeier (formerly Meghan Sullivan) has a background in English, theology, and education. She writes columns about wine-related trips and experiences. Meghan also wrote a column entitled Wine and the Bible. Meghan discusses connections between wine, the Bible, and Christianity.
Erin K. Sullivan is a marketer for an alcohol distributer in Portland, Oregon. She writes articles and blog entries for Wine Trail Traveler.
Erin Sullivan
Heidi Jones is a full-time content marketing specialist. A frequent contributor to several blogs and websites, she has been closely following the Wine and Liquor industry trends for quite some time. She has dabbled in various domains before the aforementioned vertical. On her off days, she likes to spend her time at the nearest animal shelter, lift weights or be nose deep in a novel.   Heidi Jones
Ann is the content curator at https://www.findrarewhisky.com/. She loves blogging, writing, reading, learning, and teaching. She loves to pen down her thoughts on wine and whiskey. When she is not writing, she loves to travel and explore new places to savor some unique wine and whiskeys. She also loves to try out new recipes in her leisure time. Ann Hawkins










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