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International Wine Tourism Conference

Terry at IWINETC 15


We attended four International Wine Tourism Conferences from 2012 - 2015 and presented at three of the four conferences. Conference attendees are from around the world with the heaviest concentration from Europe, usually the host country. Different wine experience providers will benefit from attending the conference including: winery owners, winemakers, wine industry members, travel industry, travel professionals and wine and travel writers from around the world. Participantsl meet and discuss, reflect and develop ideas about wine tourism. During the two-day conference there are over 30 talks, presentations, panel discussions and workshops.




Previous Conferences


2014 Blog Entries
Sites on La Champagne

2015 Blog Entries
-Dunking potato chips into champagne
-Wine Tourism Stats
-FAM Day 1
-Starting the Celebration Early
-History Haunts Champagne
-What I'm Looking for while in Champagne
-A Year in Champagne
-Champagne Legends and Myths
-Cellar Masters Creativity
-Sparkling wine before champagne
-Champagne before champagne
-Need to know about IWINETC
-The essence of champagne part 1
-The essence of champagne part 2
-Champagne flight
-Champagne family's influence

2015 Articles
-Charlier & Fils
-Dom Caudron
-Veuve Clicquot

-Avenue de Champagne



2013 visit to Georgia
Articles & Blogs

2014 Blog Entries
-World's Most Unique Wine Region
-Opening our Qvevri Wine
-Georgia Wine Grand Tasting
-Virginia Qvevri Cider
-2 Supras
-Qvevri purchase
-US qvevri maker
-Book Arrives
-Conference Advertising
-Georgia's Gold Market
-Qvevri Cider in US
-Georgian Appellations
-Georgian Grapes
-Georgia in Top 10
-Media FAM

2014 Articles
Black Sea Wines
Nunu Kardenakhishvili
Simon Zaoty
Dadiani Old Cellar
Nika Parcuanias
Lado Shavishvili

Speaker Notes
-Chicken Soup
-Round Table



2013 Blog Entries
-Grand Tasting
-Malvasia Amphora
-Croatian Souvenirs
-Croatia's Olive Oil
-Beyond Plavic Mali
-Croatian Wines
-Wine Tourism Is Alive
-IWINETC Registration
-Spotlight Croatia Wines
-Malvasia Amphora

2013 Articles
-Day 1 Overview
-Day 2 Overview
-Croatia/US Wine Connection

FAM Trip Friuli
   -Abbey of Rosazzo
   -Cantina I Magredi
   -Cantina Le Monde
   -Fernanda Cappello
   -I Comelli
   -Lis Neris
   -Livio Felluga
   -Principi di Porcia
   -San Simone
   -Villa Russiz


2012 Blog Entries
   Consider Virginia
   Busy January
   FAM Trips
   Italian Grapes
   Across the Pond
   FAM 1 Dinner wines
   Jane Hunt wine tasting
   Italy and WSET?
   Repetition or Reinforcement

2012 Presenter Focus
   Paul & Merrill Bonarrigo
   Tom Plant

2012 Articles
   Intl. Challenges
   Day 1 Overview
   Day 2 Overview
   Day 3 Overview

Bloggers FAM
   Flatbread and Gnocchi

FAM Trip Campania
   Grotta del Sole
   Terre del Principe
   Villa Matilde

FAM Trip Umbria
   Arnoldo Caprai
   Castella della Sala
   Terre Margaritelli

   Enoteca Umbria
   Museo del Vino
   Olive Oil Museum in Torgiano







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