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Tenuta Fernanda Cappello
Kathy Sullivan


Fernanda CappelloSummary: Tenuta Fernanda Cappello in Fruili, Italy is a blend of vineyard, winery and enoteca. The modern-style facility offers an elegant place to taste and buy wines. The second floor is a restaurant/event room.

Fernanda CappelloTenuta Fernanda Cappello winery is a modern winemaking facility with old vineyards. The winery includes an Enoteca, Wine Shop and Cantina. At the time of our visit the décor featured spring and Easter with displays of pastel colors and forsythia.

The owner of this large contemporary winery, Fernanda Cappello, is an architect, who was drawn to the land. However, the Tenuta Fernanda Cappello architect’s touch can be seen in the design and use of the building.

A spacious area on the second floor was available for the media group from the International Wine Tourism Conference where our group enjoyed lunch paired with wine. Large windows provided views of the vineyards stretching out towards the Prealps.

Fernanda CappelloVineyards

When arriving at Tenuta Fernanda Cappello, visitors see mountains in the distance from the vineyards. Even in mid March snow was clinging to the mountaintops.
The soil in the vineyards is gravel and dry; when it does rain the soil drains well. The soil allows the vines to have a deep root system. The vineyards are expressive of the minerals and aromas. A breeze helps to keep the vineyards dry and healthy. The temperatures range widely between day and night. Netting is used in the vineyards to protect the grapevines.

The vineyards were planted in 1960 and today they occupy 130 hectares (321 acres). Grape varieties include Gewürztraminer, Friulano, Glera, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Refosco and Cabernet Franc.


The winery started to produce wine in 1969 and sold the wine in bulk.  The present building was completed in 2011. The winery tasting room/enoteca offers a modern scene. Fernanda took us on a tour of the winery. Impressive tall concrete tanks lined the floor.  We usually see more stainless steel tanks;however, this winery has a large number of concrete tanks along with stainless steel tanks.

Fernanda CappelloLunch and Wine Pairings

Throughout our visit in Friuli, Italy everyone was wonderful and provided us with much food to showcase the Friulian wines and foods. At Tenuta Fernanda Cappello our delicious lunch included:

    Tasting of ham Dorth 1931 paired with Friulano Friuli DOC Grave 2011

    Fernanda CappelloGnocchi of Polenta with smoked ricotta by Pradis paired with Traminer Aromatico Friuli DOC Grave 2011

    Risotto with herbs paired with Sauvignon Friuli DOC Grave 2011

    Duck breast with citrus paired with Cabernet Franc Friuli DOC Grave 2011

    The Pitas - Piedmont cake with dried figs, raisins, walnuts, fennel seeds paired with Traminer Aromatico Friuli DOC Grave 2011


Fernanda CappelloAll of the Tenuta Fernanda Cappello wines are DOC. Fruilano 2011 was a light yellow. The aroma was very aromatic, with floral and tropical notes. The taste offered floral and citrus nuances with hints of tropical fruits. The finish was crisp and citrus was predominant but faded to mineral. Aromatic Traminer (Gewürztraminer) 2011 was yellow and very aromatic with floral. The taste reminded one of flowers especially roses and daisies. The finish was crisp. The wine was suggested as an aperitif. Sauvignon Blanc 2012 was a yellow color. The aroma was of lemongrass with hints of tropical fruit and mineral. The taste was yummy with citrus and mineral nuances. The crisp fruit finish yielded to lemongrass.

Cabernet Franc 2011 was a dark purple to black, The aroma and taste offered herbal and black fruit especially black raspberry notes. The finish was fruity with mild tannins.

Enjoy a visit to Tenuta Fernanda Cappello where you can enjoy wine, views of vineyards stretching out to the beautiful Prealps in a modern-style facility.

Tenuta Fernanda Cappello
Strada di Sequals, 15
33090 Sequals
Pordenone (PN) - Italia


Article written April 2013

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