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Marchesi Gondi - Tenuta Bossi
(An Online Virtual Visit)

Kathy and Terry Sullivan

Photos provided by
Marchesi Gondi - Tenuta Bossi
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This article describing Marchesi Gondi - Tenuta Bossi is based on the online interview, online data and photos supplied by Tenuta Bossi. Marchesi Gondi - Tenuta Bossi also graciously sent us three samples of wine. The article was written during the time of the world-wide 2020 pandemic.

Marchesi Gondi  - Tenuta BosiSummary: Marchesi Gondi - Tenuta Bossi has a long wine chronicle. The Gondi family has an illustrious history dating back to the the 8th century. Marchesi Gondi - Tenuta Bossi has been owned by the Gondi family since 1592. Visitors can experience tours, wine tastings and lodging facilities.

The winery is located 18km (11miles) northeast of Florence, Italy. The property is in the Chianti Rufina wine region which has been renowned since the Etruscan era. As of September 9, 2020 grapes were in the process of being harvested. The area is located 200 to 400 meters (656 to 1312 feet) above sea level. Visitors to the region will see a majestic Renaissance villa dominating the valley. The property includes a monumental park and cellars. The villa was restored and modified over the centuries. Antonino Gondi built a church with three altars next to the villa.

The current owners Marquis Bernardo Gondi and Donatella, are the 25th generation of wine producers on the estate. Their sons Bernardo, Gerardo and Lapo assist Marquis Bernardo and Donatella.

The Gondi ancestral family has been involved in many roles over the centuries. Their name has been associated with other prominent historical figures.


Marchesi Gondi - Tenuta BossiThe property consists of 315 hectares (778 acres). Vineyards occupy 20 hectares (49 acres). White grapes include Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Trebbiano Toscano. Red grape varieties include Sangiovese, Colorino (planted principally in Tuscany and often used to add a darker color to red wines), Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The Sangiovese grape is predominately planted.

The vineyards are named: Fiammae, Poggio Diamante, and Pietra Viva. The soils in the vineyards are comprised of clay, galestro (found frequently in Tuscany) and limestone sediments. The Fiammae vineyard is steep and well drained. This vineyard gives the Sangiovese grape both a masculine and feminine character. The Sangiovese can exhibit notes of violets, cherries, strawberries and raspberries. In contrast the Poggio Diamante vineyard’s Sangiovese offers roses, violets, cherries and spices. This vineyard was first planted in the 1800s, with the most recent replanting in 2000. The Pietra Viva vineyard showcases Cabernet Sauvignon with notes of blackberries, black raspberries and baking spices.

Olive Groves

The property also includes 32 hectares (79 acres) of olive trees. The majority of the olive trees are the Frantoio variety. Other olive varieties include Moraiolo, Pendolino and Leccino. With these olives, Tenuta Bossi produces two extra virgin olive oils. One of the olive oils is the certified olive oil Laudemio.

Marchesi Gondi - Marchesi Gondi - Tenuta BossiTenuta Bossi Wines

The winemaking philosophy behind wines is very important to the quality of wine. We asked, “What is the winemaker’s philosophy?”

Tenuta Bossi: “The family believed in the territory in which this reality is immersed, the Chianti Rufina which makes the wine produced here unique and recognizable. The Gondi’s  continue the family tradition trying to maintain what their ancestors have always done, preserve the integrity and beauty of the environment in which the company is located and continue in the philosophy that has always distinguished Tenuta Bossi: the continuous search for the highest quality of products. As skilled artisans, romantic vignerons, they shape the bunch into wine giving it a soul that makes their wines unique. Bernardo Gondi with his son and Fabrizio Moltard are the wine makers of the estate.”


Marchesi Gondi - Tenuta Bossi Wine Tasting

Marchesi Gondi - Tenuta BossiAfter opening, we decided to use an aerator that our son gave us from the time he spent a semester in Florence (pictured left - photo provided by Wine Trail Traveler). The first wine was a 2018 San Giuliano Chianti Rufina DOCG with 12.5% alcohol. The wine was a blend of Sangiovese, Colorino and Merlot with a ruby color and a red rim. Baking spices and cherries were noted on the aroma. The taste included cherries, baking spices, black pepper and leather. The wine had a medium/full body and bold tannins. During the finish, the fruit yielded to spices. We paired this wine with home cooked fried chicken. The wine retails for about €9.50 (about $11.00).

Marchesi Gondi - Tenuta BossiThe second wine was a 2016 Pian Dei Sorbi Riserva Chianti Rufina DOCG. The wine was a blend of Sangiovese and Colorino. This wine with 13% alcohol had a dark purple color with black hue and a ruby rim. Black fruits were on the aroma. The taste included black cherries, blackberries, baking spices and leather. The wine was full-bodied with bold tannins. The finish was fruity and spicy. We paired this wine with neighbors sitting ten feet apart. Wine with friends always go well together. Everyone commented that they liked the wine. The wine retails for about €13.50 (about $16.00).

The 2013 Villa Bossi Riserva Chianti Rufina DOCG, with 13.5% alcohol was a favorite (pictured right - photo provided by Wine Trail Traveler). This blend of Sangiovese, Colorino and Cabernet Sauvignon had a dark opaque purple color with a black hue. The aroma was reminiscent of a black fruit salad. The taste included blackberries, black cherries and baking spices. The wine was full bodied with bold tannins. The finish had fruit yielding to spices. We paired this with a steak grilled on a barbecue. It was a wonderful pairing. The wine retails for about €20 (about $23.50).

Tenuta Bossi produces 50,000 bottles of wine. Their wine portfolio consists of nine wines. On the Tenuta Bossi website, recipe suggestions accompanies each wine. Tenuta Bossi exports wine to Europe, China, Japan, United States and Canada.

Visiting Marchesi Gondi - Tenuta Bossi

Marchesi Gondi - Tenuta BossiWe asked, “What can visitors expect when visiting Tenuta Bossi?”

Marchesi Gondi - Tenuta Bossi: “A unique experience in the history of the Marquise Gondi and Bossi Estate:  the most ancient Florentine family has been producing wine here for 25 generations. A voyage into the peculiarities of Chianti Rufina wine area with a view over the vineyards of the Tuscany countryside. Our guests will be guided in the garden and the ancient cellar, where the first Reserve of Chianti Rufina has been produced by a family ancestor. Learn about the process of wine making and discover the secrets behind the taste of tradition. Finally, based on the tour selected the tasting will take place in a relaxing atmosphere with our wines produced from the grapes nearby the estate.”


Visitors to Tenuta Bossi are able to enjoy wine tasting and views of the vineyards. The winery offers English, French and Italian tours. Wine enthusiasts can walk to the historical cellar and ask to walk through the olive groves and vineyards. Visits to the winery for tours and wine tastings are available for groups of 10 or less.

Marchesi Gondi - Tenuta Bossi offers five tours:
• Basic Tour
• Complete Tour
• Red Wines Tour
• Vertical Tour
• Villa Tour


Tenuta Bossi offers seven types of lodging for travelers. Visitors can choose between farmhouses, an apartment or a villa. Descriptions are available on the Tenuta Bossi website.

When planning to visit Tenuta Bossi winery, contact the winery in advance.


Marchesi Gondi - Tenuta Bossi
Via dello Stracchino, 32, 50065 Pontassieve FI


Article written October 2020.

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