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Drink Local Wine


Perhaps you have heard of the eat local movement. There is also a drink local movement. However when it comes to "drink local" there is plenty of misunderstanding at restaurants and wine shops. A restaurant on the east coast brought out a list of local wines. All were from the west coast, some 2,500 to 3,000 miles away. The term "drink local" is not synonymous with domestic.

In this section of the website, we'll offer articles and photos about the drink local wine movement across the United States.

Visit the DrinkLocalWine (DLW) website (see sidebar). DrinkLocalWine has two major events each year. The 2013 DLW Conference held in Baltimore, Maryland has an aray of seminars; the conference hosts a Twitter Taste-off where numerous Maryland wineries offer tastings of their two best wines. The second major DLW event is regional wine week during October. Wine writers and bloggers focus on wines from their region during that week.

2013 Drink Local Wine Conference
The conference takes place on April 13th at Tremont Suites Hotel and Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland. Attendees will attend three seminars offered in the morning and during the afternoon attend the Grand Tasting and Twitter Taste-Off presented by Bottlenotes.

2013 DLW Seminars:
Creating Maryland’s Wine Identity
Drinking Local
Maryland’s New Guard
Tasting Maryland’s Future

Grand Tasting - Twitter Taste-Off
Participating wineries

Basignani Winery The Vineyards at Dodon Old Westminster Winery
Big Cork Vineyards Elk Run Vineyards Royal Rabbit Vineyards
Black Ankle Vineyards Fiore Winery Serpent Ridge Vineyard
Boordy Vineyards Galloping Goose Vineyards Slack Winery
Catoctin Breeze Vineyard Knob Hall Winery Sugarloaf Mountain Vineyard
Cygnus Wine Cellars Linganore Winecellars / Berrywine Plantations Thanksgiving Farm
Distillery Lane Ciderworks Millstone Cellars Woodhall Wine Cellars

2012 DLW Seminars:
Colorado's Terroir and the Challenges of High Altitude - read blog entry
Local Food, Local Wine, and Why They Don’t Like Each Other - read blog entry
Consumer Perception of Colorado and Regional Wine - read blog entry

2010 DLW Seminars:
The Grapes that do well in Virginia - read blog entry.
Social Media: How regional wineries can get the word out - read blog entry.
If local food, why not local wine? - read blog entry

2009 DLW Seminars and Winemakers' Dinner:
Drink Local Wine Conference Opens with Winemaker's Dinner: read blog entry.
What's New with the Wine Industry in Texas: read blog entry.
The Grape Varieties that Grow Well in Texas: read blog entry.
A Challenge for the Drink Local Wine Movement: read blog entry.

One way to drink local wine is to make local wine - read blog entry.

One way to drink local is to help put in a vineyard. Terry is tilling the soil at a new vineyard at Tin Lizzie Wineworks in Clarksville, Maryland. Terry and Kathy hope to have a row of Petit Manseng in this experimental vineyard.
Tin Lizzie Vineyards



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