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2012 Drink Local Wine Conference

The 2012 Drink Local Wine Conference takes place in Denver, Colorado on April 28. The Drink Local Wine Conference began in 2009 and each year the annual Conference takes place in a different state. Previous conferences have taken place in Texas, Virginia and Missouri.

The 2012 sessions include “Colorado’s Terroir and the Challenges of High Altitude,” “Local Food, Local Wine, and Why They Don’t Like Each Other,” and “Consumer Perception of Colorado and Regional Wine.” At noon, there will be a Colorado Blind Challenge followed by lunch and then the Nomacorc-Colorado Twitter Taste-off.

The origin of the Drink Local Wine blog was the brainstorm of Jeff Siegel and Dave McIntyre. Jeff is from Texas and writer of the Wine Curmudgeon blog. Dave is from the East Coast and writes a wine column for the Washington Post as well as writing for numerous wine-related magazines. Drink Local Wine focuses on the 47 less known wine states.

If you have the opportunity to join the 2012 Drink Local Wine Conference in Denver, tickets are available online. Watch for the location of the 2013 Conference to be announced.

Hope to see you in Denver!

Cheers, Kathy

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