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Monthly Archives: November 2008

The Day After Thanksgiving

Yesterday was spent between the kitchen, living room and dining room. Everyone was involved in some aspect of the cooking for Thanksgiving dinner and we all enjoyed each other’s company. Before dinner was one of our traditional 4-square games in the driveway. Even the neighbors came out for it. After a late afternoon dinner, we […]

Happy Thanksgiving from Wine Trail Traveler

We wish each and every one of our friends, families, readers, winery friends and Wine Trail Traveler advocates a wonderful Thanksgiving with many blessings. May everyone’s spirits be uplifted. Kathy & Terry Wine Trail Traveler

Thanksgiving Eve Dinner Wines and Port in Wine

I really couldn’t tell if adding some Port to the decanter helped my Cabernet Sauvignon or not. I do know that if you have a glass of Port before the Cabernet Sauvignon, my Cabernet Sauvignon is much better. On the other hand, those who had the wine said it was fine for a table wine. […]

When Family Comes for Dinner at Different Times

Our family chose Tuesday to come home for Thanksgiving. So we will be off to college (125 miles away) to pick up our son, off to the airport to pick up others and finally off to the bus station. Picking them up will take most of the day and they will arrive home at different […]

Symphony Grape and Wine

The Symphony grape, a relatively new grape varietal on the wine scene is found frequently on the West Coast. Dr. Harold Olmo, at UC, Davis crossed Grenache Gris and Muscat of Alexandria in 1948. However, it was not until 1981 that development was completed. In 1983 the grape was patented. Symphony grape is primarily grown […]

Red, White & Bleu Wine Shop

Red, White & Bleu, located in Falls Church, Virginia, opened five and a half months ago. The shop is more than a wine shop. It also carries a selection of gourmet foods and if you visit at the right times, you will have an opportunity to enjoy fresh baked bread. As I mentioned in yesterday’s […]

A GiraMondo Wine Event

Last night, we took the opportunity to attend a GiraMondo Wine Adventures event in Falls Church, Virginia. The title for the evening was Entrepreneurs’ Wine Tasting Network. We enjoyed the evening and met several other wine enthusiasts. The event was held at the Red White & Bleu wine store that has a small event room. […]

Winery Holiday Activities

Our winery partners are stirring up excitement with their end of the year activities. If you are looking for some Holiday Cheer, be sure to check out some of their events. Dove Valley Vineyards and Winery in Maryland is offering music events and Ebenezer Scrooge theatrical presentations. Chateau Chantal in Michigan offers events including a […]

Making Mead – Day 2 and 3

By yesterday morning, the must for the mead was letting off CO2 through the air lock every second. According to the directions we used, it was time to add a nutrient and energizer. As soon as Superferment was added, foaming began and ran down the sides of the carboy. It looked like the opening scene […]

Our First Attempt at Making Mead

We had a great time yesterday morning beginning the process of making mead. We began with sterilizing everything. This being a necessary process is anything but fun but as soon as that was done, we were on our way. The directions we followed indicated that the water needed to be 109 degrees. While heating the […]

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