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Monthly Archives: February 2011

Maryland Direct Wine Shipping Legislation- March 4

This Friday, March 4, both Maryland legislative bodies will be considering wine shipping legislation. Currently, Maryland does NOT allow wineries in state or out-of-state to ship wine directly to consumers. The legislation to change the current law will allow Maryland to join more than 30 other states that allow direct wine shipping to consumers. Don’t […]

Salmon, Blackberries, White Wine Recipe

For this weekend, try this recipe with white wine, blackberries and salmon. Directions include a delightful way to serve this entree. Cheers! Kathy Salmon With Blackberry Hollandaise Serves 4 Ingredients For Hollandaise: 4 egg yolks 2 Tbl. fresh lemon juice 1 1/2 sticks sweet butter (12 oz.) Dash salt, white pepper For Blackberry Sauce: 2 […]

In Search for the Popular Grape

I have an unwritten rule that if wineries in a wine region tend to make several wines in their portfolio from the same grape, that grape is the popular grape. For example, it is easy to find multiple Sauvignon Blancs at wineries in the Marlborough wine region of New Zealand. If you are looking Riesling […]

Wine Festivals for the 1st Weekend of March

If you will be traveling to any of the regions below during the 1st weekend of March check out the wine festival. Meet wine enthusiasts and have a great time! Cheers, Kathy Fine Art & Wine Festival 2011 Carefree, Arizona March 4-6, 2011 Website Information 11th Annual World of Pinot Noir Shell Beach, California March […]

Genetically Modified Wine Yeast

There has been a lot of controversy about genetically modified food. Now the University of British Columbia has developed a special modified yeast for wine. According to an article on Decanter.com, “Canada approves ‘headache-free’ GM wine yeast” by Hazel Macrae, a yeast used for producing wine that is genetically modified has been approved in Canada. […]

Earthquake hits in former footsteps

It was just three months ago that we traveled to New Zealand to tour wineries. Our last few days there were in Christchurch.  By the end of November, much of the destruction from a September earthquake had been cleaned up. We only noticed some open space where a building once stood and a building or […]

Winery Events on the Last Weekend of February

February is ending with a weekend that is full of winery events. Check out the winery events below. If you don’t live near one of these events to be held, then look for events at the wineries in your backyard. Enjoy! Cheers, Kathy Friday, February 25 Winery at LaGrange, Virginia Event: Friday Nights are for […]

2011 Celebrations of Petite Sirah

With the science and technology available now, it has been determined that Petite Sirah is the result of cross pollination between Syrah and Peloursin.  “Dr. Francois Durif, a grape nurseryman working in southern France, released a new variety that he named after himself. It grew from a seed he extracted from fruit of the old […]

Paso Robles Wine Event Supports Alzheimer’s Association

Alzheimer’s appears to be something that many people are worried will happen to them as they grow older. The Alzheimer’s Association offers a great deal of education about Alzheimer’s, support for researchers and much more. Check out the Alzheimer’s Association website. The Paso Robles Grand Tasting Tour benefits the Alzheimer’s Association. This Paso Robles Wine […]

Old World/New World Beef Stew Recipes with Wine

Winter isn’t quite over yet so why not head for the kitchen and create a beef stew this weekend?Below are two beef stew recipes – one from the New World and one from the Old World. The first recipe was donated by Pearmund Cellars in Broad Run, Virginia. The second recipe is from Badia a […]

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