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New Jersey Legislators Affect Wineries Ability to Survive

When we visited several New Jersey wineries last week, we were asked, “Do you know what is happening to the New Jersey wine industry?” While I was aware there was some issue, my attention has been focused on the Maryland legislation that has passed permitting direct shipping from across the country. Yes, the new Maryland […]

Maryland Direct Wine Shipping – Getting Closer

As I noted late last week, the Maryland General Assembly initially passed legislation that will allow wineries to ship wine to consumers in Maryland. Now is not the time to sit back and think all the work is done for promoting direct wine shipping. The bills in both the Maryland Senate and House are a […]

What is the motivation to buy wine from a winery?

Currently, Maryland residents cannot purchase wine from wineries within Maryland or outside the state and have it shipped directly to their homes. That may soon change, as the General Assembly is ready to pass a direct shipping law. In yesterday’s post I commented on some of the rants from the retailers and distributors regarding direct […]

Ranters attack approval of direct shipping of wine to Maryland residents

Wineries in Maryland and throughout the country may soon be able to ship wine to Maryland residents. Finally, it looks like Maryland will join the 37 other states and the District of Columbia and permit some form of shipping wine directly to Maryland homes. The legislation won initial approval from the full General Assembly. Within […]

Good News – Direct Wine Shipping May Actually Happen in Maryland!

According to the Baltimore Sun’s website, the Maryland General Assembly has initially approved a bill to allow wine shipping directly to consumers. Finally passage is expected to take place soon. Maryland wine enthusiasts have been looking for this friendly wine shipping legislation for a long time. At least 37 states are ahead of Maryland in […]

Maryland Direct Wine Shipping Legislation- March 4

This Friday, March 4, both Maryland legislative bodies will be considering wine shipping legislation. Currently, Maryland does NOT allow wineries in state or out-of-state to ship wine directly to consumers. The legislation to change the current law will allow Maryland to join more than 30 other states that allow direct wine shipping to consumers. Don’t […]

HR 5034 Bill is Still Alive

HR 5034, a US bill, is sponsored by well over 100 legislators. The bill first became known last spring and we have been following its progress or lack of in the House. At first it was like a powerful steamroller but thankfully enough wineries and wine enthusiasts became aware of its potentially threatening aspects to […]

Wine, Politics and Fall Elections

When I was in college I enjoyed learning about politics. In fact I majored in Political Science and was a summer intern on Capitol Hill. All those years ago, I was impressed with the Congressman I worked for and what I was doing in his office. Frequently there were messages from constituents who asked for […]

Do “We the People” Need Another Government Law?

This past week another alcohol bill has been introduced into Congress. I don’t know about you but we have way too many laws about things that help special interests and don’t help the people who elected government officials are suppose to represent. While I’m not an attorney, I believe this new bill introduced into Congress […]

What 20,000 Disappointed Marylanders Can do Next

Another year and another defeat for direct shipping in Maryland can certainly depress the 20,000 people who make up Marylanders for Better Beer & Wine Laws. However, there are things that can be done next. Build on the success of growing the non-profit group from 1,500 to 20,000. Aim for a six digit membership. Our […]

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