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Maryland Direct Wine Shipping – Getting Closer

As I noted late last week, the Maryland General Assembly initially passed legislation that will allow wineries to ship wine to consumers in Maryland. Now is not the time to sit back and think all the work is done for promoting direct wine shipping.

The bills in both the Maryland Senate and House are a little different. Anything can happen to the legislation before it secures final passage. Kevin Atticks, Executive Director of the Maryland Wine website wrote in a comment to another wine blogger, Vinotrip, “Even though it’s not a perfect bill, we’re thrilled for this [BIG] step forward. Know that it has a few more hurdles (one of the two bills must get through the opposing chamber in the coming week) without amendments or trickery before heading to the Governor’s desk.”

So even though similar bills for direct wine shipping have passed, there is still work to be done before direct wine shipping is legal in Maryland. Since the Maryland legislature is only in session for two more weeks, it’s important this get settled quickly.

Cheers! Kathy

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