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Monthly Archives: December 2015

California: Rose Bowl, Parade and Wineries

Tomorrow, January 1, many people will have their eyes on Pasadena, California where the Rose Parade and the Rose Bowl takes place every year. This is the 127th year for the tournament.

New Year’s Day Dinner Ideas

New Year’s Day can be eventful, filled with wonderful memories and hopes for the New Year coming in. Whether you have your New Year’s resolutions ready or not, you can still enjoy a wonderful dinner.

Happy Holiday Plants with Spirits

This year I purchased an amaryllis bulb and paperweight bulbs. Upon searching the internet for insight, I came across a really surprising use of spirits for growing better paperwhites.

Check Your Christmas Grocery List

For many people food is a wonderful part of the Christmas holidays. With Christmas coming upon us so quickly, you may want to be sure to create your grocery list for your Christmas Feast. Consider the possible use of one or more of the recipes below that use wine as an ingredient.

Duck Breast Recipe for the Holidays

Christmas and other holidays are a time of traditions. However, sometimes it is nice to add something new. How about Roast Duck Breast for your entrée?

Portland’s Festival of Lights and Urban Wineries

While planning to visit Portland’s urban wineries, add The Grotto to your itinerary. Of course, as visitors of Portland, I like the idea of urban wineries. While wine enthusiasts will not find vineyards, the proximity to winemaking facilities can make some great experiences.

What Does the Creative Cook Want for the Holidays?

What should you buy? Varietal grape seed oil, gluten-free flour or smoked sea salt for the creative cook? Or perhaps a specialty soap? Find out about AprèsVin.

Holiday Recipes for Beverages

I was reminded of Church, a Portland bar, when I received an email with recipes for the holiday season. These recipes use spirits and wines to create some delicious looking drinks. If you are hosting a holiday party, you may want to consider offering one of these drinks.

Wine Gift Ideas for Christmas and the Holidays

Before long Christmas will be here. Is your shopping list complete yet? You may want to consider having an extra gift on hand, just in case. For adults, why not have a bottle of wine, tied with a bright colored ribbon. If you don’t use it as a gift, you will be able to enjoy it during the winter on a cold winter night. Check out some of these wine-related ideas to complete your shopping list.

Christmas Wine Affair 2015 in Texas Hill Country!

More than 35 Texas Hill Country wineries are offering a wonderful Christmas event, the Christmas Wine Affair.

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