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What Does the Creative Cook Want for the Holidays?

AprèsVin Grape Seed Oils, Gluten-free flour

AprèsVin Grape Seed Oils, Gluten-free flour

What should you buy? Varietal grape seed oil, gluten-free flour or smoked sea salt for the creative cook? Or perhaps a specialty soap?

AprèsVin offers a selection of unique products produced with grape seeds. For the holidays or any time of the year consider the grape seed oils this small family business offers. The grape seed oils are produced in the state of Washington. The oils are obtained from the grape seeds that are the leftover results of wine production at large Washington wineries. Typically grape seeds and skins are used as compost in the vineyards. However, AprèsVin created a use for these seeds rather than composting.

Grape seed oil categories include: Bare Naked Oils,  Citrus Oils, Classic Comfort Oils, Spicy Oils and Exotic Oils. Two of the most recent oils available are the Blood Orange Riesling and the Thaifün Chardonnay.

To make it a little easier for shoppers, AprèsVin offers several gift packages including: Bare Naked Gift Pack, Glassic Gourmet Gift Box, Custom-Design 2-Bottle Gift Pack, Custom- Design 5-Bottle Gift Pack and the Favorites Gift Pack.

In addition to varietal grape seed oils, AprèsVin produces: gluten-free grape seed flours, grape seed soaps and smoked sea salt.

AprèsVin Grape Seed Soap

AprèsVin Grape Seed Soap

The selection of soaps available include: Evergreen Chardonnay, Lavender Merlot, Rose Riesling, and Sage Cabernet.

Eric Leber and Lori Ramonas, owners of AprèsVin,  have created a very informative website including information about the health benefits of grape seed oils and also includes recipes. Check it out when you have a moment.

AprèsVin Online

Anyone interested in purchasing any of these products can do so at the AprèsVin online store.

AprèsVin Products Retail Availability

AprèsVin products are available in many areas of Washington. They are also available in select stores in Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Idaho, Louisiana, Maryland, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Texas and Virginia.

It should be noted that we have visited and written about AprèsVin. Our article about AprèsVin is available online. AprèsVin also has a small advertisement on our website at: http://winetrailtraveler.com/listings/washington/apresvin.php.


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