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Monthly Archives: February 2014

Pennsylvania Winery Celebrated their 50th Anniversary Opening!

Earlier this month, February 17, Presque Isle Wine Cellars in Pennsylvania celebrated its 50th Anniversary. In 1964 Doug Moorhead opened his business selling winemaking equipment and supplies. The winery is located in….

Wines from Castilla-La Mancha

Yesterday, February 25th, we had the delightful opportunity to attend a presentation of “Wines from Castilla-La Mancha” at the Marriott in downtown Washington DC.

In Search of a Bit of Georgia in America

We spent the weekend searching for a bit of the country Georgia in America. We had to travel about three hours from central Maryland to central Virginia. We visited Castle Hill Cider and discovered an outdoor marani with several buried qvevri. The qvevri were different sizes and were produced in Georgia. One broke during transport […]

Book Cover for Georgia, Sakartvelo: the Birthplace of Wine

Finally, after waiting a month to hear from our publisher, we received a pdf proof and the cover art for our 3rd book, Georgia, Sakartvelo: the Birthplace of WineI. Both Kathy and I like the cover art that shows a qvevri and vineyard. The cover art colors match those of our first two books A […]

Secolari Opens a New Olive Oil Tasting Room in Maryland

Last week was the official grand opening of Secolari, a boutique olive oil and vinegar tasting store located in the Mall of Columbia’s outdoor area. Secolari had been in a soft opening for a few weeks but yesterday’s blue ribbon cutting ceremony included an array of foods and several wines to enjoy while browsing this unique store in Columbia, Maryland.

Two Dessert Ideas for Valentine’s Day!

If you have waited to the last minute to cook a special dessert, you may want to consider opening a bottle of Ice Wine to sip. Enjoy it perhaps in front of a fireplace or in a candlelit room. Another idea is the recipe below for Wine Poached Pears in Chocolate Sauce.

7th Annual Pebble Beach Food & Wine Event

The 7th Annual Pebble Beach Food & Wine Event takes place from April 10-13 in Monterey, California. This event is presented by Food & Wine

Braised Baby Artichokes-Roman Style

This recipe for Braised Baby Artichokes-Roman Style includes a link to a video by Ocean Mist Farms that explains how to prepare baby artichokes for cooking. Ingredients include 1/2 cup of white wine.

Valentine’s Day Wine Events

So this year with Valentine’s Day on Friday, it’s a perfect time to celebrate.

Georgian Appellations

Yesterday, I wrote about the challenge of pronouncing and spelling Georgian wine grapes. Often, a bottle of wine will have the name of the grape or blend of grapes on it. At times though, rather than the grapes’ names, you will have the name of the appellation. Think of a wine label that has the […]

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