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Wines from Monterey, California

My California Wine Appellation Specialist course continued this week with the content focusing on the appellations within Monterey and San Benito counties. One of the advantages of studying appellations is tasting wines from those particular areas. Prior to this class, I have not tasted a wine from either San Benito or Monterey counties. The 2012 […]

7th Annual Pebble Beach Food & Wine Event

The 7th Annual Pebble Beach Food & Wine Event takes place from April 10-13 in Monterey, California. This event is presented by Food & Wine

Travel to One of These Wine Festivals June 11, June 12 or 13

I have discovered 9 wine festivals from the east coast to the west coast  winelovers may be interested in attending during the middle of June. Below are listed the names and dates with a link to the information for your convenience. Check them out if you have the chance and verify the info before leaving […]

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