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Monthly Archives: October 2009

Halloween Weekend!

Halloween isn’t just for kids! How about taking time over the weekend to enjoy a hot mulled apple wine or perhaps a peach cobbler in a mug? The hot Mulled Apple Wine recipe uses a crockpot. Just think of the spice aromas throughout your home as the wine with spices warms. Looking for something a […]

Art, Wine and Gourmet Food Pairings

I love art and wine and when it is linked to a charity that just makes it even better. So I was delighted this week when I received a press release about a charity event that includes wine with gourmet food pairings and helps the Ann Arbor Art Center. The press release began with, “Art. […]

Wine Trail Traveler Weekly Photo Challenge

Guess what’s new with Wine Trail Traveler? We have developed a weekly Photo Challenge! Every Tuesday a winery photo will be posted on Wine Trail Traveler. Do you know where the photo was taken? We will also be using Twitter for the Photo Challenge. Please respond using the direct message button on Twitter or the […]

Wine Festivals for Early November

Here are a few wine festivals I discovered for the 5, 6, 7, and/or 8th, 2009. Check your plans and see if you can participate in one of these wine festivals. Check with the event’s website for additional information and to verify times and dates. Oklahoma WineFest?Saturday, November 7th, 2009 http://www.oklahomawines.org/ Harvest Celebration Barrel Tasting […]

Fish: Red Wine or White Wine

For many years, there was the rule red meat red wine, fish white wine. As wine becomes preferred by more people, many wine enthusiasts believe that the old rules don’t apply. In Japan scientists were interested in why the traditional statement of pairing red wine with red meat, and white wine with fish was followed. […]

Winemaking – Sorting Grapes – Vint Hill Craft Winery

Yesterday was a glorious day despite the occasional down pours of rain. We spent several hours at Vint Hill Craft Winery where we sorted and destemmed Cabernet Sauvignon from California. It’s not easy work. Backs began hurting and it does become somewhat monotonous.  Sorting grapes is about equivalent to being at a potato chip factory […]

City Winery – Spit & Twit Event

City Winery in New York City is an interesting urban winery. Here in the midst of a city that is awake 24 hours a day, one can find a facility that produces wine, has music events and even has the capacity for allowing others to make their own barrel of wine. Social media is big […]

OneHope Wine

Good causes abound and frequently I hear about a winery that supports a philanthropic cause. OneHope Wine goes a step beyond. OneHope Wine is the concept of a group who were inspired to create an organization that would support various good causes. To that end they are bottling wine. For every bottle of wine sold […]

Rare Wines at Wine Auction

La Tour D’Argent in Paris is looking to make renovations and make more room in the wine cellar for more recent vintages of outstanding wines. To do so they are auctioning off a portion of their wine cellar. According to the article “Historic Paris Restaurant Auctions Thousands of Bottles of Wine” by Jason Burke, in […]

California Wines and an Italian Wine

For me the wine of the week was the Wildhurst Sauvignon Blanc 2008. Wow it was great. Fruity, crisp and refreshing. One of my nieces is sending me information when she discovers a wine she really likes. Below are the two that she recently sent to me. Conte Di Bregonzo Amarone della Valpolicella 2006. This […]

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