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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Grandes Pagos de España Wine Tasting in DC: A Success

This week we had the opportunity to visit Washington DC’s Barcelona Wine Bar & Restaurant which was the site of a wine tasting of special wines from Spain. The wine bar and restaurant focuses on Spanish tapas and Spanish wines.

Over 100 Guests Registered for Author Talk

Kathy and I were pleasantly surprised at the projected numbers of people that will attend our author talk on Saturday, February 28th from 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm at Harvest Ridge Winery in Marydel, Delaware. Our talk centers around our third book, Georgia, Sakartvelo: the Birthplace of Wine. Where and when grapes were cultivated and […]

Cortijo Los Aguilares Wines Stand Out at the Grandes Pagos de España Tasting

Yesterday, on a frigid, sub-freezing February day in Washington DC, we had the wonderful opportunity to taste wines from many of the members of Grandes Pagos de España. The wineries that belong to this group are from different wine regions of Spain. Their wines are made with grapes from single vineyards. To become members of […]

What You Need to Know About the International Wine Tourism Conference 2015

The International Wine Tourism Conference (IWINETC) is scheduled for April 8 and 9. The Conference will in held in the city of Reims known for champagne and historic sites. Only 46 tickets are left….

Do You Know About Jam Jar Wines?

Have you heard of Jam Jar Wines? At the Boston Wine Expo I came across an exhibitor with Jam Jar wines last weekend. I picked up recipes….

Wine Tasting of South Africa Wines

This week we took a trip into the District of Columbia for a tasting of wines from South Africa.

A Second Look- Beyond Bubbles: The Essence of Champagne

  Whether in a champagne flute, a coupe, a tulip or white wine stemware, that delightful effervescent champagne offers much more than continuous strands of bubbles rising to the top and tickling your nose. Champagne is so much more than a drink. As one looks into that effervescent glass of gold, one sees the history […]

Beyond Bubbles: The Essence of Champagne

Steady columns of minuscule bubbles rise to the surface forming the mousse. All senses including observation are heightened. The bubbles foreshadow what is to come: an explosion of effervescence in the mouth, aromas and tastes that bring smiles to faces, sensual sensations that extend beyond self to the immediate surroundings and a cleansed palate that […]

“I Didn’t Know Maryland Had Wineries”

“I didn’t know Maryland had any wineries,” exclaimed the person standing next to me. I hear this a lot. Some people are unaware that there are wineries in their own back yard. The Maryland Winery Association would like to change that perception. For the last two weekends this February, 35 of the more than 50 […]

Author Talk at Harvest Ridge Winery

Kathy and I will give an author talk about our third book, Georgia, Sakartvelo: The Birthplace of Wine on Saturday, February 28th from 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm at Harvest Ridge Winery in Marydel, Delaware. At the recent Boston Wine Expo, people were surprised to learn where grapes were first cultivated and wine was first […]

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