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Locations Wines Online Wine Tasting

Last week we participated in an online tasting of the wines from Locations Wines. We were sent Locations E, F and I. Each wine was a blend.

Syrah: An Intriguing Red Wine

Syrah is an intriguing wine to learn about and a delicious wine to pair with many entrées.

Are You Celebrating Beaujolais Nouveau Day?

Celebrate Beaujolais Nouveau Day today! November 19!

Champagne Story Is Intriguing

Yesterday was Champagne Day. I love the idea of Champagne Day and sparkling wine celebrations. Unfortunately there is some erroneous information about the development of champagne.

The Spectrum of Dry Riesling

One of the wine discovery sessions at the 2015 Wine Bloggers Conference was titled The Spectrum of Dry Riesling. I attended this session, in part because I enjoy dry Rieslings and this session was featuring Rieslings from Alsace in France. Louise Jordan DWS talked about the region and conducted a tasting of three Rieslings from […]

Does Franciacorta Sparkling Wine Rival Champagne?

The Franciacorta area of Italy is said to be home to some sparkling wines that some say may rival champagnes from France.

A Busy Day in Champagne Wine Country

Yesterday was delightfully busy with our small press tour group that followed the end of the International Wine Tourism Conference (IWINETC.) Following a quick, light breakfast at the Continental Hotel in Reims, we boarded a Champagne shuttle bus that took us to the Cathedral of Notre Dame….

What I’m Looking for while in Champagne

We are off to Reims in a couple days for the International Wine Tourism Conference. This will be a second trip to Reims. My first visit was during the summer of 2013. The group of winemakers and wine growers that Kathy and I were with visited four champagne producers. I feel much more prepared for […]

Sparkling wine before champagne

The sparkling wine, champagne, as we know it today evolved over hundreds of years, as opposed to being invented by a single person at a single time. Although the Champagne region of France excelled at making champagne, once embraced, other people were deliberately making wine that had effervescence a century before the Champenois. The French […]

Beyond Bubbles: The Essence of Champagne

Steady columns of minuscule bubbles rise to the surface forming the mousse. All senses including observation are heightened. The bubbles foreshadow what is to come: an explosion of effervescence in the mouth, aromas and tastes that bring smiles to faces, sensual sensations that extend beyond self to the immediate surroundings and a cleansed palate that […]

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