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Monthly Archives: August 2008

Labor Day Weekend Winery Visits

Whether you are traveling far and wide or staying at home, you very likely have an opportunity to visit a winery tasting room nearby. While many wineries charge a small tasting fee, others do not charge for tastings. If you are looking for wineries to visit and want to know what to expect before you […]

Wine Trail Traveler

As the Wine Trail Traveler team visits wineries, we discover that tasting rooms vary not only in size but also in temperament. While one would think that the smaller the winery, the more individualized the tasting would be, there are those occasions where the larger wineries have more staff with more training. The best winery […]

Tasting Wines

The vast majority of people we meet in winery tasting rooms are wonderful people to talk to. On rare occasions we run across someone who may be having a bad day or simply arrogant by nature.  When one tastes wine, their tastings are personal. What they believe they see, smell and taste is unique to […]

Warehouse Brand Wines

We had the chance to purchase a bottle of wine at a Costco….

Anniversary Celebration

After twelve days of visiting wineries we were ready to head home. Our dilemma, however, was to either remain in New York or travel home on our anniversary. Since the urge to return home was greater we spent the day in the car, often bemoaning the most unpopular phrase in the English language, “Road Work Ahead.” […]

Winery Tasting Room Fees

As we travel to winery tasting rooms from region to region, we notice a variety of tasting fees.

Plastic Cups to Taste Wine

My first trek to wineries in Ohio was met with some disappointment with the tasting experience at two wineries. These winery tasting rooms serve their wines in small one ounce transparent plastic cups. Fortunately the third winery I visited used glass stemware. I realize that using plastic cups is a money saving practice but it […]

The Billionaire’s Vinegar by Benjamin Wallace

I finished The Billionaire’s Vinegar over the weekend and was delighted with it. Have you read it? What did you think of it? Below is my brief description without giving too much away. The Billionaire’s Vinegar: The Mystery of the world’s Most Expensive Bottle of Wine Author: Benjamin Wallace Crown Publishers, 2008 This recently published […]

Vernaccia di San Gimignano

Friday night we enjoyed dinner at the Tomato Palace in Columbia, Maryland. We decided to order a bottle of wine. While browsing the wine list, we noticed it was definitely weighted toward Italian wines. This shouldn’t be surprising as the restaurant is an Italian restaurant. Still, I was disappointed that the restaurant did not have […]

Grapevine Countertops

If you have a few grapevines in your backyard, what do you do with the vines you prune off?  Sarah O’Herron and Ed Boyce, owners of Black Ankle Vineyards in Mt. Airy, Maryland tackled that question this past winter. They do however have a few more than a couple of grapevines. Their vineyard has thousands […]

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