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Monthly Archives: August 2008

August Newsletter from Wine Trail Traveler

Wine Trail Traveler publishes a monthly newsletter. Topics include anything related to wine, wineries and vineyards. This month’s newsletter focuses on visiting wineries near to home. A review is included of Garlic Mike’s restaurant in Colorado where a wonderful food and wine pairing occurred. It was a terrific dinner, ambiance and conversation. Are you looking […]

Muscadine Wine

Last night for dinner, we decided to experiment with a food and wine pairing. We chose to have a sweet wine with dinner as one of our family members likes a sweet, white wine. Our choice was Midnight Magnolia from Duplin Estate Wines in North Carolina. According to the label this is a Mid Harvest […]

“Acquired” Taste of Wines

How many times have you been told a wine is an “acquired taste?” Traditionally many wine connoisseurs say that consumers start drinking white, sweet wine and gradually move on to red wines. For myself, I started with sweet fruit wines, and now I can appreciate a dry, red wine with an Italian dinner or sizzling […]

Apologize for Liking Sweet Wine?

Whenever we gather with a group of friends discussion eventually comes to wine. Almost apologetically someone mentioned that she has tried many wines and prefers to drink only sweet wines. Most of the others in the group indicated that they would drink sweet wines although the preferences were to drier reds. Why would one need […]

Buyer Beware

An article on Decanter.com this week discusses the temperatures in stores where wine is sold. In particular, the article is referencing England. Here in the United States, we also seem to have difficulty guaranteeing that wines will be kept in a controlled environment. As one winemaker said to me, “I can almost guarantee that the […]

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