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Monthly Archives: July 2008

Sustainability in the Vineyard

A recent article in Wines & Vines talks about what the Central Coast Vineyard Team is doing in terms of sustainability. In part, the CCVT mission statement states they “will identify and promote the most environmentally safe, viticulturally and economically sustainable farming methods, while maintaining or improving quality and flavor of wine grapes.” Certainly, these […]

Riesling Scale

How many Rieslings have you had in the last six months? If you haven’t had any, is it because you think all Rieslings are sweet? The International Riesling Foundation wants consumers to know that Riesling wines can vary between sweet and dry. As I travel from winery to winery in different wine regions, I’ve noticed […]

America’s Alcoholic Preferences

The Gallup organization recently released the results of a poll indicating that beer now has a significant lead over wine. The poll was further divided between 30 to 49 year olds and those aged 50 and above. The younger group favored beer 47 percent, wine 27 percent and liquor 21 percent. The second group favored […]

Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi and America’s Second Harvest

After establishing the Robert Mondavi winery in Napa Valley, Robert Mondavi returned to Lodi, California where he established Woodbridge by Robert Mondavi winery. Last year, the winery began supporting America’s Second Harvest, a large organization that fights hunger in America. In keeping with Robert Mondavi’s generosity, Woodbridge will again support America’s Second Harvest this year […]

Need to Cool Down?

I always look forward to the first peaches of the summer.  The cool and refreshing peach is nature’s answer to hot summer days. After spending hours cleaning an old house, it was time for a refreshing pick-me-up. I had a chilled bottle of Knapp George’s Peach wine. I added a peach slice to the wine […]

Days 6 through 13 of Winemaking

The wine sat silently in the carboy in a dark somewhat cool area. No fermentation bubbling was observed probably because there was little if any sugar left to ferment. On the 13th day I took a reading of the specific gravity at 0.990. This was down 0.002 from the previous reading. Time to go onto […]

Terroir and Wine

Are you influenced by terroir when you purchase a bottle of wine? I really like the idea of tasting at wineries in different areas and noticing the difference between the wines despite the same grape used in producing the wine. The concept of terroir includes many items that can affect grapes as they grow. Some […]

Coupon for Free Tasting (Barrel Oak Winery)

This is a reminder for anyone who will be traveling to northern Virginia this summer. Before you leave print a coupon for a free tasting at Barrel Oak Winery http://winetrailtraveler.com/listings/images/barreloak1.pdf. Barrel Oak Winery recently opened in May and has events, tours and an artist exhibit to enjoy. Their state of the art winery is worth […]

Visit Wine Festivals – Save Gas

Granted that visiting wineries in your own backyard mqy use a little more gas, but you can save gas by going to Wine Festivals where many wineries are pouring tastings. Besides having an array of wines to choose between, you also may likely have music, food vendors and arts/crafts vendors. I will continue to add […]

A Good Year by Peter Mayle

Mayle’s novel A Good Year is delightful. When Max leaves his life in London to visit his inherited French property and vineyards, he encounters a completely different lifestyle.  As a young boy, he spent many summers in France with his uncle. His adventures begin when he arrives in Provence and meets the locals. Travel with […]

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