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Les Roques de Cana

Discover the wines of Les Roques de Cana located in south west France.

Oak Barrels for Wine

How do you prefer your wine oaked or unoaked? If you like a wine with oak nuances, are you concerned with where the oak was grown? For wine aged in oak, do you prefer French oak, Hungarian oak or American oak? As we visit numerous wineries, we ask what type of oak is used and […]

Health Benefits from Grapes?

In an article entitled, “Vineyards Try Health Drinks to Squeeze More From the Grapes,” (Timesonline) the author Adam Sage, writes about another possible use for grapes besides wine. How many more uses can be discovered for grapes? People have been making wine and juice from grapes for centuries. When I was young, my mother would […]

Hot Air Balloons and Champagne

Hot air balloons can be a lot of fun whether you watch from the safety of the ground, ride in the balloon or crew for a balloon. The colors, the sights and the sounds are a photo opportunity just waiting for that perfect moment. For those unfamiliar with hot air ballooning, the crew consists of […]

Do Only the French Make Quality Wines?

Recently, a blog site has had comments discussing wines in the United States and France. One post went as far a saying that only French wines had great quality and that US wines could not compare.

A Good Year by Peter Mayle

Mayle’s novel A Good Year is delightful. When Max leaves his life in London to visit his inherited French property and vineyards, he encounters a completely different lifestyle.  As a young boy, he spent many summers in France with his uncle. His adventures begin when he arrives in Provence and meets the locals. Travel with […]

How Much Are You Willing to Pay?

I just received an ad from a wine store about 10 miles from my home. Out of curiosity, I flipped through looking at some of the prices. How is it that French wines, Australian wines and wines from across the country are less expensive than wines in our own “backyard.”  Of course, startup costs are […]

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