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Health Benefits from Grapes?

In an article entitled, “Vineyards Try Health Drinks to Squeeze More From the Grapes,” (Timesonline) the author Adam Sage, writes about another possible use for grapes besides wine. How many more uses can be discovered for grapes? People have been making wine and juice from grapes for centuries. When I was young, my mother would make good old-fashioned grape juice. My father would then “cap” the bottled juice. The seeds and skins would then be composted. Even today some wineries incorporate the skins, seeds and MOG into their vineyards.

Other wineries and businesses have looked at using the skins and seeds to produce oil, gluten-free flour and medicinal products.

According to the above mentioned article, French viticulturists are searching for other ways to retrieve health benefits from grapes other than producing wine. They feel that this may appeal to the teetotalers who for a variety of reasons do not drink wine.

David Ageron, at Vitimed, “makes a dietary supplement based on a red wine extract containing a high concentration of polyphenols, an antioxidant touted as a shield against disease. Now he is trying to the persuade the food industry to use the molecule as a health additive in drinks, yoghurts and other products.”

Are you ready for a drink or yogurt that has an additive in it made from grapes or would you prefer a glass of red wine?

Cheers! Kathy

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