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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Upcoming Wine and Music Events for You to Enjoy

Lots of events are coming up soon. Checkout these special music and events. Consider visiting a winery in your local area soon.

The Taste of Quebec

At Vignoble de la Rivière du Chène we met an intern from France. Before she came to Quebec, people asked her why she wanted to go to Quebec. Can they make wine and grow grapes there? This is similar to a statement made to me about the lack of grape growing in the province. Kathy […]

There Are Vineyards in Quebec

“Quebec doesn’t have any vineyards. The wineries source their grapes and juice from wine regions around the world. Why would you want to travel there?” At a recent wine conference this statement was made to me by a wine writer. The reason Wine Trail Traveler’s Terry and Kathy want to travel to Quebec’s wineries is […]

Unusual Winery Names Series: Michigan

Names are a unique way to identify people. In the same way winery names are important to the owners and choosing the “right name” may help with marketing the winery’s wines. While many wineries use the owner’s surname, others have created others names for a variety of reasons. While traveling to more than 900 wineries we have encountered a array of names. Below is a list of 5 unique winery names we have come across in our travels.

Tasty Saffron Clams for Memorial Day Weekend

With Memorial Day Weekend here, if you are looking for a special recipe, check out this one for Tasty Saffron Clams from Stoller Family Vineyards in Oregon.

Upcoming Wine and Music Events for Memorial Day Weekend

Do you have plans for Memorial Day Weekend? If not why not explore a winery near you? Or perhaps visit one of the wineries below and enjoy the activities and fun.

Korak 2009 Chardonnay Sur Lie

I’ve tasted wines made from over two hundred different grape varieties. Of that many different grapes there is only one that I have a true love/hate relationship with. That is Chardonnay. The love/hate doesn’t have anything to do with the style of the Chardonnay. It doesn’t matter if the wine is oaked or unoaked. It […]

Virginia’s Barrel Oak Winery Celebrates 5th Anniversary and Supports Red Cross/Oklahoma

his weekend is a big weekend at Barrel Oak Winery in Northern Virginia. They will be celebrating their 5th anniversary of their opening. At the same time they will be supporting the Red Cross in its efforts to help Oklahoma victims.

Wine Trail Traveler Quarterly Spring Edition

The spring edition of the Wine Trail Traveler Quarterly focuses on the wine regions in Europe and the US. Filled with many original photos, we hope you find the Spring Edition fun to browse through and may be inspired to travel to one of the wine regions.

Maryland Wineries Allowed at Farmers’ Markets Beginning June 1

Maryland recently passed a new law, House Bill 978 that Gov. O’Malley signed. Beginning June 1, this law allows wineries to sell their wines at farmers’ markets. This law is a win-win situation for winery owners and consumers. Wineries can sell their wines directly to consumers without the middleman and consumers can discover local wines without driving to the winery.

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