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A Delicious Complex Wine: Ciban’s Pinot Crni

A few years ago we visited a quaint winery about half an hour outside of Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. Earlier this week we opened a bottle of Ciban’s wine for dinner.

The Oxford Wine Festival – August 23-24

The Oxford Wine Festival takes place August 23 to August 24. This special wine festival takes place in areas of the Oxford Union that include the courtyard, debating chamber and historic rooms.
The plans for the Oxford Wine Festival have the festival divided into different zones. Four of the zones include The English Wine Tasting Room, Emerging Regions, Old World Wines and New World Wines.

2014 Wine Events in Croatia

Croatia was the location of the International Wine Tourism Conference in 3013. We discovered a country with a wonderful history and culture. Anyone thinking of traveling to Croatia in 2014 will want to keep in mind the upcoming 2014 Croatian events.

IWINETC Media FAM Members Produce Multiple Articles Even if it Snows

The media group attending the 2014 International Wine Tourism Conference, IWINETC,  in Tbilisi Georgia is taking shape. As of this writing there are 21 people in the group. Each have different publications where they will write articles about the conference, winery visits, wines and foods. There is so much to cover on the trek to […]

Korak 2009 Chardonnay Sur Lie

I’ve tasted wines made from over two hundred different grape varieties. Of that many different grapes there is only one that I have a true love/hate relationship with. That is Chardonnay. The love/hate doesn’t have anything to do with the style of the Chardonnay. It doesn’t matter if the wine is oaked or unoaked. It […]

Wine Trail Traveler Quarterly Spring Edition

The spring edition of the Wine Trail Traveler Quarterly focuses on the wine regions in Europe and the US. Filled with many original photos, we hope you find the Spring Edition fun to browse through and may be inspired to travel to one of the wine regions.

Wines from Croatia Grand Tasting

The 2013 International Wine Tourism Conference included a tasting of Croatian wines led by Caroline Gilby MW. Ten Croatian wines were tasted along with a Slovenia wine and a wine from the Friuli region of Italy. I continued to keep with tradition by writing haikus instead of typical wine notes. Bolfan Riesling 2011 Bolfan Riesling […]

A Malvazia that Foreshadows a Future

Prior to the International Wine Tourism Conference in Zagreb, Croatia, we traveled to Istria, a region in north eastern Croatia bordered by the Adriatic Sea. This is one of the country’s major wine growing areas. While there, you will have the opportunity to taste international grapes varieties as well as indigenous grapes. The most widely […]

Authentic Souvenirs When Traveling in Croatia

For anyone traveling to Croatia this month for the International Wine Tourism Conference or anytime of the year, look for specialty Croatian items. Croatia is known for its handcrafted wooden toys, laces and gingerbread.

Learning More about Croatian Wine and Culture

Visiting Croatia for the International Wine Tourism Conference next week will be very interesting. In addition to the numerous indigenous grape varieties that are known in Croatia is the history of wine, food and culture of the region.

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