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From champagne to cava

Our trek to Europe reminds me of this year”s International Wine Tourism Conference. We started in the lounge at the airport with champagne. On board the IcelandAir flight to Reykjavik, we were served a  Mont Marcal Cava Reserva. The last session at the International Wine Tourism Conference is a presentation by next year’s conference host. […]

Starting the Celebration Early

I have read so much lately about champagne and its use for celebrating. In a few days I’ll attend the International Wine Tourism Conference, IWINETC,  in Reims, France. Several champagne producers will have exhibits in the exhibition area. Many of them also will have champagnes in the Grand Tasting event that ends the first day […]

History Haunts Champagne

The narrator in the film A Year in Champagne says, “History haunts the Champagne region, like a ghost at a party.” During my 2013 visit to the Champagne region, I did not have a sense of history. That visit was more about the vineyards and winemaking. This year, however, will be different. I have a […]

What I’m Looking for while in Champagne

We are off to Reims in a couple days for the International Wine Tourism Conference. This will be a second trip to Reims. My first visit was during the summer of 2013. The group of winemakers and wine growers that Kathy and I were with visited four champagne producers. I feel much more prepared for […]

Champagne Reveals a Cellar Master’s Creativity

There are 349 champagne houses in the Champagne region of France. With their portfolio of champagnes there are more than a thousand champagnes for consumers. Then there are many more champagnes crafted by growers who make their own champagnes, and co-operatives. With so many champagnes to choose from, one may think that many of them […]

What You Need to Know About the International Wine Tourism Conference 2015

The International Wine Tourism Conference (IWINETC) is scheduled for April 8 and 9. The Conference will in held in the city of Reims known for champagne and historic sites. Only 46 tickets are left….

Champagne Flight

Decades ago I worked for a hot air balloon pilot. A group of us would awake early on a Sunday morning, gather equipment, load a van and proceed to a launch site in Central Maryland. About every five times crewing, the pilot would take me up in the balloon. One of the flights I went […]

IWINETC Early Bird Registration Ends January 31!

This week is your last chance to get the Early Bird reduced price tickets to the International Wine Tourism Conference in Champagne, France. Register online at http://www.iwinetc.com/2015france/conference-registration. The 2015 IWINETC is scheduled for April 8 and 9 in Reims, France. Participants attending the conference will have the opportunity to network with other professionals including wine, […]

Discover the Champagne Tourist Route

Have you traveled the Champagne Route in France?

The Champagne Tourist Route in the Champagne region of France is long. The route is divided into five separate trails….

The Musée du Vin’s Champagne Scene

Many delegates to the 7th International Wine Tourism Conference will arrive in France by flying into one of its airports. While in Paris, many are drawn to the Eiffel Tower. Just across the river from the Eiffel Tower and a short walk to 5, square Charles Dickens street, wine enthusiasts can visit the Musée du […]

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