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Champagne Day, October 24, 2014

Friday, October 24th is Champagne Day. This is the fifth annual day that wine enthusiasts world-wide will open a bottle of champagne and enjoy with their food. The day is dedicated solely to champagne from the Champagne region in France. Cava, prosecco and sparkling wines do not count. Consumers need to buy the real champagne […]

Websites for Champagne and the International Wine Tourism Conference

The Bureau du Champagne USA website provides an immense amount of information about Champagne. The data includes suggestions on the appropriate stemware, how to open a Champagne bottle, the region’s vineyards and the Champagnes. It will take a good amount of time to peruse everything available on the website. The Champagne Bureau website could be […]

2015 International Wine Tourism Conference Has Sights Set on La Champagne

The 7th annual International Wine Tourism Conference, IWINETC, will take place in the Champagne region of France on April 8th and 9th in 2015. That is Easter week and hopefully many people will have the time to attend the Wednesday/Thursday conference. Our first trip to La Champagne was in the summer of 2013 with a […]

Birthday Celebration Continues 10,461 km Away Continued

We had dinner in Tbilisi at Tabla. This was our last dinner before catching an early flight to Istanbul and back to the United States. Several media members already left as well as tour operators; however, there were still enough members left that attended the International Wine Tourism Conference a few days earlier. Georgians know […]

Opening Our Qvevri Wine

We returned to Twins Wine Cellar in Napareuli six months after starting a qvevri wine. The Rkatsiteli grapes fermented and remained on its chacha (grape skins and seeds) until April 1, 2014. During the six months the wine aged and natural filtration took place in the qvevri. When we arrived the surface of the qvevri […]

What We Missed at Kindzmarauli Marani

There are a few of us in the International Wine Tourism Conference media group that enjoy Georgian Chacha. Most of the wineries have stills of various shapes and sizes. We were running late on our Kakheti tour yesterday and did not have a chance to see the distillery at Kindzmarauli Marani. This is the largest […]

Alaverdi Monastery Has Heart

We visited Alaverdi Monastery and noticed the small vineyard on the way to the marani. The vines were pruned and tied in a heart shape. This pruning method was new to us and we speculated as to why it was shaped and tied. Two cordons were tied to the post about eight inches above the […]

Georgian Wine Grand Tasting

The grand tasting of Georgian wines took place in the ballroom at the Marriott Hotel in Tbilisi, Georgia. Sarah Abbot introduced the wine tasting session. The selected wines were prepared by Shalva Khetusuriani, President of Georgian Sommelier Association. Shalva and Sarah commented about the wines during the tasting. What is now becoming traditional, my tasting […]

Monks at Dadiani Old Cellar Produce the Rolls Royce of Georgian Wines

We were surprised at a comparison of Ojaleshi as the Rolls Royce of Georgian wines where Saperavi is just a Volkswagon. Were the monks from Dadiani Old Cellars poking fun at the monks producing Saparevi from Alveredi Monastery? Actually after some reflection the analogy has validity from a purely financial point of view. There are […]

International Wine Tourism Conference (IWINETC) Offers Advertising Options

For the past 6 years the International Wine Tourism Conference has provided the opportunity for winemakers and travel agent providers to gather together for extensive presentations highlighting various regions of the world to visit for wine tourism. Until March 14, advertising opportunities are available.

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