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Alaverdi Monastery Has Heart

Cordons tied in a heart shape

Cordons tied in a heart shape

We visited Alaverdi Monastery and noticed the small vineyard on the way to the marani. The vines were pruned and tied in a heart shape. This pruning method was new to us and we speculated as to why it was shaped and tied. Two cordons were tied to the post about eight inches above the trunk. They were then looped around and tied again about 20 inches towards the bottom. This creates a heart shape.

Vineyard, September 2013

Vineyard, September 2013

I thought back to last September, when Kathy and I previously visited. I did not recall the vines in a heart-shaped pattern. The vines appeared to be in a column. Others in our group seemed to recall seeing vines tied in this heart-shape.

Winter and early spring are times to discover the architecture of the vine. Once covered in green, it is difficult to see the structure. A vineyard is wonderful to visit during all seasons as it changes. Perhaps I should try this heart-shaped tiring on a couple of my vines.


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