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Monthly Archives: February 2009

Should Wine be Sold In Grocery Stores?

Wine is a beverage item to be sold so why shouldn’t it be in grocery stores? It turns out that in some states it can be sold in grocery stores. The latest information I saw said that 35 states have allowed grocery stores to sell wine. However, the prospect of wine in grocery stores is […]

The Napa of Lake Erie South Shore

Although much longer than Napa, the 100 miles along Interstate 90 travel through Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York. Along this stretch from Madison, Ohio to Dunkirk, New York there are more than 35 wineries close to the interstate. However the acreage of grapes is much larger than one would expect. From locations along the interstate, […]

The Napa of Ontario

When thinking of Niagara-on-the-Lake the image of a quaint little town to the north and the Niagara Falls to the south may enter one’s mind. However there are 27 wineries in this area with many more forty minutes to the west in Jordan and Vineland. We visited the area twice in 2008 and each time […]

The Napa of Colorado

Palisade, Colorado is the sweet spot for growing grapes in that state. While flying to neighboring Grand Junction one may notice the acres of grapes while flying over Palisade. Many of these vineyards border Interstate 70 that in turn is bordered by the Bookcliffs. We found this area peaceful and photographically stunning. We enjoyed the […]

The Napa of the East Coast

Other areas that would like to be known as the “Napa of” do not have the acreage or the number of wineries that you’ll find in Napa. However there are enough wineries to spend a few days to a week or longer.  On the east coast of the United States a large concentration of wineries […]

The Napa of the …

Some of the marketing and PR people in different areas will make the statement “We want to be known as the Napa of the …”. There are certain regions that could well become like another Napa. Coming to mind are the Finger Lakes in New York, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Palisade, Colorado and Temecula, California. There are […]

Unforgettable Walks to Take Before You Die

Unforgettable Walks to Take Before You Die Authors: Steve Watkins and Clare Jones Published by Firefly Books Ltd. 2008 Yesterday I spent time at my local library browsing through books. I can easily spend hours at the library. Numerous topics interest me besides wine so it is delightful to come across a book that grabs […]

Experience a Private Wine Tasting

Consider attending a private wine tasting at Chateau O’Brien. Recently Chateau O’Brien at Northpoint in Virginia sent a flier describing a Private Wine Tasting event. This event only happens three times a year and appointments are necessary. The next wine tasting is February 28. Experience a private wine tasting with the Chateau O’Brien’s winemaker, Jason […]

Enomatic Wine Serving Systems

Enomatic Wine Serving Systems offers wine establishments the opportunity to serve more premium wines by the glass without fearing loss of quality or oxidation. This seems to be ideal for restaurants, bars, wine shops or perhaps the smaller size for home use. By using gas to protect the wine from oxidation, the Enomatic machines can […]

North Carolina Offers a New Winery Website

Recently North Carolina started a new winery website at www.VisitNCWine.com. The website offers excellent maps for discovering the 80-plus North Carolina wineries and their events. By moving an icon of “ME” to any spot on the map, one can pinpoint the location of the closest wineries. Lodging and dining facilities are also added to the […]

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