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Unforgettable Walks to Take Before You Die

Unforgettable Walks to Take Before You Die

Authors: Steve Watkins and Clare Jones

Published by Firefly Books Ltd. 2008

Yesterday I spent time at my local library browsing through books. I can easily spend hours at the library. Numerous topics interest me besides wine so it is delightful to come across a book that grabs my eye. Okay, so the cover is bright orange. In large font the title begins with Unforgettable. Pulling the book out from amidst the others, I almost returned the book to the shelf because of the complete title, Unforgettable Walks to Take Before You Die. After all there is enough focus on bad news in the world, dying is not a focus for me at this moment. Hesitating, I quickly started turning pages and realized the photos were wonderful and that the book concentrates on living. 

In the introduction, the authors write “ By choosing to walk, which naturally engages both body and mind, we sense everything around us more acutely, and can have a deeper, healthier and revitalizing travel experience.”

Filled with numerous photographs on almost every page, this book is delightful to enjoy and if you want more details read the accompanying articles.

The authors chose 30 destination sites around the world. Will the authors write Book Two? Will wineries and vineyards be included? How many destinations are possible for one to visit and walk in a lifetime?

Cheers, Kathy

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