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Georgia, Sakartvelo: the Birthplace of WineA Wine Lexicon: Increasing Your Knowledge


A Wine Lexicon: Increasing Your Knowledge
Authors: Terry and Kathy Sullivan
Publisher: Wine Trail Traveler, LLC
Price: $19.95 paperback
Copyright: 2017
ISBN: 978-0-9983380-0-2
Pages: 240


A Wine Lexicon: Increasing Your Knowledge is an enjoyable and easy-to-use guide to the unique wine vocabulary with anecdotes gleaned from 10 years of wine experiences. Discover what wine enthusiasts are referring to when they use particular wine words. Numerous wine stories associated with certain wine vocabulary are described.


What makes this book different than a traditional wine vocabulary book are the many terms that have an anecdote, story or recipe accompanying the terms.

Wine Term Anecdote or Story
1976 year Judging Wine with Steven Spurrier
art and wine Adorning Walls and Vineyards
azarphesha To Love
barraca Cava Tasting in a Barraca
barrel Mesmerized by Hammer Force
blending party The Perfect Pinot
blind tasting Blind Tasting Parties at Home
cap Punching Down the Cap
cava The Cava Regulatory Board
champagne Some Rules for Champagne
chocolate and wine Chocolate and Wine Pairing
disgorgement Disgorging a Bottle by Hand
effervescence A Winemaking Mistake
entrée Crock-Pot Chili Recipe
expectorate Spitting Wine
harvest Harvest Experiences
icewine An Icewine Debate
indigenous Commercial or Indigenous?
L'Oenosablier A Fancy Spitton
Marechal Foch Harvesting Marechal Foch
Mission Experiencing the Mission Grape
monastery wine Georgian Monastery Wine
mulled wine Mulled Wine Recipe
pairing Tips for Wine and Food Pairings
phylloxera A Museum to Learn About Phylloxera
press What Happens if You Press too Much?
qvevri Making Wine in a Qvevri
Rkatsiteli Rkatsiteli's Six Thousand Mile Journey to the United States
Sangiovese A Boaring Tale
second run wine Our Second Run Wine Making Experience & Second Run Wine Recipe
stemware Cleaning Stemware
tank Beyond the Luster of Stainless Steel
terroir In Search of Terroir
Tuscany Spending Two Weeks on a Vineyard in Tuscany
Umbria Umbrian Discoveries
vineyard library In Search of Vineyard Libraries
wine cathedral Visiting Wine Cathedrals
wine caves Memorable Wine Caves
wine jelly Wine Jelly Recipes
wine regions Some Wine Regions of the World
yeast Winemaking Yeast Selection: Not as Simple as in the Kitchen


In addition to the Introduction, there is a chapter about frequent numbers used in wine. Each letter of the alphabet is also a chapter.



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