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Indiana Wine IndustryThe first vineyards cultivated for wine in Indiana were established by John James DuFour, an immigrant from Switzerland, near the beginning of the nineteenth century. The rise of patriotism as a result of the War of 1812 helped the new wine industry on both sides of the Ohio River. It was short lived, though, as agriculture prices fell in 1818, and the vineyards were replanted with other crops by 1830. However, wineries were scattered throughout the state until Prohibition. The resurgence in the Indiana wine industry began in 1970 and in 2010 the state had 62 wineries.

Many varieties grow in the state including Native American varieties, hybrids and traditional vinifera. However, it is the hybrid Traminette that has become the signature varietal grape in the state.

Indiana has three popular wine trails: the Indiana Uplands, the Indy Wine Trail, and the Indiana Wine Trail.

There is one designated AVA in Indiana: the Ohio River Valley AVA. This is one of the largest AVA's in the country also encompassing parts of West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky. Vineyards located in this AVA are in the southern part of the state near the Ohio River.








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