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Monthly Archives: May 2008

Will Consumers Continue to Lose?

I just read an interesting editorial in the Erie Times-News. The editor quoted the owner of Massa Vineyards in Pennsylvania in regard to shipping laws for wine.  “What is best for consumers? That should be everyone’s concern here.” The winetrailtravler.com team had the opportunity to visit wineries in North Carolina and they make a muscadine […]

Internet Sales

Congratulations to the state of Georgia, where consumers will be able to order wine online. I wish all states would understand the importance of consumers being able to purchase wine online. For those who are afraid teenagers will abuse this availability, I don’t believe that’s true. For wine stores who are afraid that it will […]

Pillitteri Estates takes Gold for Shiraz Icewine

  Recently Pillitteri Estates Winery located in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Canada received a Gold Medal from “Syrah du Monde,” for their 2006 Shiraz Icewine. This competition is devoted to Syrah or Shiraz wines. Quality and stiff requirements make this competition highly competitive. The competition itself takes place over two days with wines from 23 countries. This year […]

Friday, May 23 Grand Opening

Barrel Oak Winery, Virginia is celebrating its Grand Opening today! Congratulations to Sharon and Brian Roeder on their pursuit and obtaining their goal of starting a vineyard, building a winery and opening a tasting room. We met Sharon and Brian in January 2007 at Pearmund Cellars and were impressed with their desire to begin their […]

Canadian Wineries

I have just returned from a delightful trip to Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada. Vineyard after vineyard were along the roads. Large, majestic winetasting rooms are frequently seen as well as smaller wineries creating fine wine. As we discovered while having dinner with friends and family, enjoying wine is all about the wine, food and friends. Several […]

A Tribute to Robert Mondavi

Robert Mondavi, a national and world leader of the wine, passed away on May 16, 2008 leaving a legacy behind him that will forever have an influence on wine produced in California. It was Robert Mondavi who believed that California wine could compete on an international level. So convinced was he of this that Mondavi […]

Icewine or Iced Wine

Icewine was first produced in Germany. Today Canada is the major producer of a true icewine. Other areas that do not have cold enough temperatures to create icewine use intervention methods to create a wine that mimics icewine. For the consumer, this wine may be identified as “iced wine.” Grapes for icewine must be picked […]

How Much Wine?

Have you ever been offered a wine glass of red wine filled almost to the top? Isn’t it annoying as you spend more time concentrating on not spilling it than on the conversation? Needless to say wine glasses should not be filled to the top. So what’s right? Today the standard is to fill a […]

Recycling Corks

What do you do with that cork after you open a bottle of wine? More likely than not you may just toss it into the trash. Stop! Cork is a unique nature made material. Portugal is well known for cork protection and it is in Portugal that  cork trees are protected. The cork forests are […]

Promoting Local Wines

I am a fan of restaurants serving local wine. At the same time, they should also have an assortment of other wines. For those who are visiting the area and want to taste wine from that terroir, the local wines provide a reason for stopping at that particular restaurant. For instance, if you are visiting […]

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